WAEC Financial Accounting Questions and Answers 2022

Are you a WAEC candidate seeking for answers on WAEC 2022? Have you been searching for the following questions: WAEC Financial Accounting answers 2022, Waec Financial Accounting questions and answers 2022, then this post is for you. Keep reading to know more.

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In this article, we’ll be looking into WAEC Financial Accounting questions and Answers for 2022. It include the 2022 WAEC Financial Accounting questions and Answers, Past questions and answers and all you need to know about the WAEC Financial Accounting Examination questions. Few hints is also included on how to pass WAEC Financial Accounting Examination.


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To start with, let’s look into the details about how the 2022 WAEC questions will look like as well as important things you need to know about it. WAEC Financial Accounting past questions and Answers are also included.

All you need to know about the 2022 WAEC Financial Accounting Exam

The WAEC 2022 financial Accounting examination is in two parts – Objective and Essay.

You should be expecting 50 questions from the objective part and all to be answered within one hour.

The Essay part contains between 5 to 7 in part A and about 7 in part B. You are to answer all in part A while you answer any four in part B. All to be answered in two hours and thirty minutes.

Note that all question carries equal mark.


WAEC Financial Accounting Past Question and Answers

Below is a WAEC Financial Accounting answers 2021 sample to take note of.

1. The officer responsible for ascertaining whether all public expenditure and appropriation are in time with the approved guideline is the

A. Creditor

B. Cashier

C. Auditor General

D. Bursar

ANSWER: C (Auditor General)

2. The cash basis of accounting requires the recognition of revenue only when they are

A. sent Out

B. documented

C. lost

D received

ANSWER: D (Received)

3. Responsibility accounting is particularly concerned with

A. variable cost

B. fixed cost

C. controllable costs

D. uncontrollable costs

ANSWER: C (Controllable costs)


4. Earnings per share is a measure of

A. loss

B. profit

C. income

D. expenditure

ANSWER: B (Profitability)

Today’s WAEC Financial Accounting Answers

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How to pass WAEC Financial Accounting Examination

Here are some common rules that you should apply when taking this exam.

Start by answering questions you are sure of the Answers first.

Do not spend more than a minute on each Objective questions. Remember you only have one hour

Endeavor to recheck your work before submitting it.

Make sure you attempt all the questions. Ensure to put something down; it is better than a blank page.

Utilize the Waec Computer Science Syllabus. Ensure to cover over 80 percent of the topics in the syllabus.

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WAEC Financial Accounting Syllabus 2022

The resources below on Financial Accounting have been provided by WAEC to assist you to understand the required standards expected in financial Accounting final Examination.

The examination in this subject is meant to test:

1. Understanding of accounting principles and the role of accounting in recording business transactions;

2. Appreciation and application of the rules and functions of accounting as they apply to the organisation;

3. Foundation for further studies in accounting.

See the complete WAEC Syllabus for Financial Accounting via this link FINANCIAL-ACCOUNTS

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