Review: Is Videomine org Legit or Scam? Read before Videomine login, register or sign up | Videomine Technology

Videomine is an online earning platform that claims to pay its users for watching videos daily, Videomine login, sign up, viral video posts and more. You can earn money on as a single affiliate or by participating as a team (group work).

In this review, I will be discussing the about a newly launched earning platform known as I’ll also share with you the following sub-topics “Is Legit, Is Scam, Videomine Registration, Signup, Login, Withdrawal, How Does Videomine Work, How to Earn on, Who is the CEO/Owner of and many more about will be discussed in this Videomine Review.

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What is Videomine all about?

Videomine is an online earning platform that claims to pay its users for watching videos, daily Videomine login, viral video posts and more. You can earn money on as a single affiliate or by participating as a team (group work). technology technology is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software.
It gives users the option to choose either participating as a single affiliate or participating as a group (team work)”.

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How Does Works?

On Videomine you either earn as a single affiliate or participating as a group (team work). Below is how the affiliate system works:

  1. Registration fee #2000
  2. Registration bonus #1000
  3. Referral bonus #1400
  4. Daily visits #100
  5. Video watching #150
  6. Viral video posts #200
  7. Skills center for learning new skill

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly

How does the Videomine affiliate system work?

Participating as an affiliate (single individual)

When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates alone and gets paid into his account instantly.

How Videomine team (group) plan works?

If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved:

  1. The user cashes out #10,000 always immediately his cycle/group is completed
  2. The user withdraws #1500 into his bank account always immediately any of his direct group member
    completes a cycle(the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and withdrawing #1500 from them completing each cycle .
  3. The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc. on reaching certain cycle goals
  4. After a user’s cycle is completed and he withdraws #10,000, for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle
  5. Registration and re-subscription fee is #2000 only
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To register on Videomine, you will need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the official website Sign up
  2. Click on the MENU and click on buy activation code
  3. After you have bought the coupon code, you will return to the MENU and click on Register
  4. Input the required details like first name, last name, username, password, email address, phone number,
    coupon code and click on SIGN UP. login (Videomine sign in)

To login on, you will need the below steps:

  1. Visit sign in
  2. Input your Username or email address and Password
  3. Click on the login button.

Is legit?

Videomine is a legit and paying platform as of the time this review was Updated. Below I’ve provided some screenshots of my visitors that got paid.

However, you should note that they will inevitably crash, when they become too popular.

I’ll always advise my visitors to invest with the amount they can afford to lose.

Secondly, the best time to join all these online platforms is when they are still fresh, you can cash out before the inevitable fall.

You can leave your reviews in the comment section below.

Do you want to register on Videomine? Kindly click the below link for sign up an account.

Is Scam?

As of the time of writing this Videomine reviews, no one has reported it scam. We highly encourage you to subscribe to this blog to get latest updates on this platform. Also check the comment section of this page for more reviews from existing members.

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Videomine Payment Proofs

Below are the proof of payments from my visitors. There are much but I’ve listed a few.

Videomine payment proof

Payment screenshot from Chigozie:

Another Videomine payment proof
Payment Proof

Still doubting? Click here for more information.

You can give Videomine a chance by clicking on the above link. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When was Launched?

Videomine was launched on the 1st of November, 2021.

Who is the ceo/founder/owner of

No information was found concerning the owner/CEO of

Conclusion: Videomine reviews (Read before Videomine Login or register)

Thank you for reading this reviews on Review. In this article, I’ve been able to answer most of the questions about including Videomine login, Videomine registration, Videomine sign up and more.

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59 Replies to “ Review: Is Videomine org Legit or Scam? Read before Videomine login, register or sign up | Videomine Technology”

  1. Chat me up to properly guide you on how to register and do your task, Yes it’s real and legit, still paying, am getting paid weekly from videomine technology.

  2. I registered and it said registration was successful..let me now log in it said incorrect I saw forgot password,I clicked it and it asked for my email address.I inputted it but it keep on saying invalid token..Please what should I do

  3. Videomine is paying
    Cashed out twice already, last cash out was 14th/01/22, WhatsApp 09076731895 to join my team and get updates

  4. In box me on my WhatsApp number…. I will get the coupon code and do the registration for you and as well give you more info on how to go about it . 08033067832

  5. Kingsley…. try forget password, if it doesn’t work then Contact the customer care… They will re-activate your account

  6. I requested to withdraw my earnings, but it’s been 24 hours now, and the haven’t received my money. It’s so frustrating

  7. Videomine is a scam site, on the 25th of every month, they said you can withdraw your vm points if it’s up to N15,000 but on that time (9:00pm -12am) they locked up the site as to stop miners from withdrawing and opened it in the morning for mining to continue .This is a a big scam of 2022

  8. It’s not a scam Esther
    Get updates from your upline, there are given time for withdrawal now, for both affiliate and Mlm
    Join my team get updates, coupons code, and cash out quickly on Mlm
    We are active and consistent.

  9. Videomine is a legit platform and I have testimonies from me and those I registered. Chat me on WhatsApp and let me put you through, first 10 people get a discount of #200 for the registration so you pay #1800 for your coupon

  10. Videomine or whatever bloody fools name they got are so full of shit and they suck…. I logged out and logged back in, still didn’t get my daily earnings and these devious bastards ain’t reply me back even when I contacted their stupid customer Care service

  11. I think this is scam, because I don’t see de reason why dey will now say we will only be doing cash out on 25. Those that mean dey are using us ? From the beginning this is not our agreement then why will dis be happening if really is true?

  12. Hey guys if you can’t refer don’t join(word is enough the wise)…. You see there are two package truly.

    Affiliate (perform task they don’t pay non referral)
    MLM (strictly referring +they pay this people fast no dullung)

    DM for more info @ +2347031142789

  13. I started video miner last two week since then I have not been able to log into my account it keeps tell me wrong password
    Please I don’t know what to do again

  14. I have cashed out severally, and have successfully registered many under me. I can guide you on how to make money here.
    Just reach out to me let’s roll it.

  15. Video is a scam the fact that he pays you doesn’t mean it geniune. Paying 10 people out of 100 is that a deal. Don’t be fooled. Very soon the system will soon crashed.

  16. Video Mine is a legit scam. I wasted my 6k just to register for me and my friends and each month I request for cash out, they will tell me withdrawal is closed.
    I pity that Oga Emos of a scammed guy.
    I think it’s just to track him and beat him up.
    I hate rubbish , and l will report this App to security.

  17. Been trying to withdraw my money since I registered,till now it keep saying withdrawal close…….pls chat me up to put me tru…08137173718

  18. I was told that I can only cash out on the 25th of everymonth, now the site has refused to open, I don’t understand ooo! Please someone should explain

  19. They are thieves… it’s past 10am and the site decides to open when they said withdrawal is between 8-10am on the 25th.. now it’s back to withdrawal closed..

  20. They’re scam.. I’ve been mining I even have more than 20k+ since but anytime i want to cash out they’ll tell me either I’m not qualify or cash out close.. my 2k i will not forgive

  21. I have register since and if iwant to withdraw it always says withdrawal close .pls why is this happening,my watssap number is:07084200890

  22. The platform is legit, it’s better you open your own account and not group account so your heart can be at ease from others talking the share of it
    I have my personal account and trust me I am cashing out norms
    So 0813 334 2967 is my whatsapp number
    You can chat me up for proper guidelines and for registration

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