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How to Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is a social platform which is a sum total of online presence for most people. Many people upload their personal data including pictures of their kids and friends. Facebook is also a good place to advertise your business and make it known to a large number of audience.

With all these personal information and importance of Facebook, I'm sure you won't like someone else to access your account or talk of hacking it. I'm sure you all know what Facebook is all about with the advantages and disadvantages it has. But I'm not here to talk more of that because I already know what brought you to this page.

Many people on Facebook have in one time or the other become a victim to those hackers and unfortunately not able to recover their account due to ignorant on how to recover it.

In this post, I'll show you how you can recover your hacked Facebook account. Recovering a hacked Facebook account solely depends on the nature of the hacking. The nature of the hacking will determine the recovery techniques to be used. The two nature of hacking we'll be discussing in this post include (a) Hacked Facebook Account with a changed Password and (b) How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account with both Password and Email address being Changed. Whatever be your own case, we have provided solution to it. All you have to do is to read this post to the end.

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How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account with a changed Password

This is the most common case of hacking. This form of hacking involves the hacker just changing of password only. If the hacker just change the password, recovering your account is very simple. All you have to do is to present the email address you used in creating your Facebook account. To accomplish that, you need to follow the steps listed below.

  1. First, make sure you have an internet connected device with a stable internet connection. Not free mode.
  2. Go to the Facebook forgotten password option
  3. In the text field provided, enter the email address you used in opening you Facebook account or your surname
  4. In the next pop up, select your email address and click continue
  5. Now, check your mailbox for the recovery code
  6. Enter the recovery code
  7. Then set your new password, ensure you set a strong password and you'll get back to your account.

That is just all, you'll get your account back. As I said earlier, this method is very simple.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account with both Password and Email address being Changed

There are some situations that the hacker change your Facebook password and the email address. In this case, you have to switch to the phone number you used in registering your Facebook account. The following steps is just like the previous steps but the difference is that you have to input your phone number instead of your email address. Follow the steps below to recover you hacked Facebook account.

  1. Make sure you have an active data connection on your device
  2. Login to Facebook and click on the forgot password option
  3. Enter your phone number and click on search
  4. In the next pop up, enter your phone number and continue
  5. A recovery code will be sent to your phone number. Enter the number in the field and continue
  6. Then reset your Facebook password.
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If you follow the above steps, you'll get your hacked Facebook account recovered.

In this post, I've shared with you steps you can use to get your hacked Facebook account recovered. Do well to comment below if you encounter problems recovering your account. You can share with use how you recovered yours.

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How To Make Money Fast With Entertainment Blog

Most bloggers with the passion in the entertainment niche or who want to start blogging usually ask this question. Making money blogging requires some hard work on your own side but I'm sure since you're doing it as a passion or doing it to make money, who cares anyways?

I'm sure you are here to read how to make money from your entertainment blog. If you are a blogger on another niche you can read also. I will also recommend you to read this post How to make money blogging .

I know most people got rejected from displaying ads on this niche. But before I proceed on how to make money from entertainment blog, I'll like to hit the bitter truth about entertainment blogs. Don't be scared, there is no niche that you can't make money from. All required from you is hard work and the passion on your niche and you'll surely make money blogging regardless of your niche.

As we all know, entertainment blog deals with copying of contents, images, videos, or links from other websites or sources without re-writing or proper editing just because they want to post a large number of posts a day.

In this post I'm referring to

  1. File Downloader websites (such as Music and videos websites)
  2. Articles copy-scraps blogs or website

Such blog or website usually find it difficult to rank well on Google Search engine and they also find it difficult to monetize their blog. In this post, I'll share with you what you need to do to start earning from your entertainment blog.

Let me not bore you with words or scare you of this niche. Just like the title of this post, I'll share with you some ways you can make money from your entertainment blog with some of the recommended networks that pay very well. If you have been asking questions like "How to make money from entertainment blog?" "How to monetize an entertainment blog?" then read this post to the end.

How To monetize an Entertainment Blog

The following are ways you can start earning from your entertainment blog.

Fresh and unique content: As an entertainment blogger, you need to update your blog every day. You can write or upload 2-5 contents relating to new music, videos and pictures every day. As you continue doing such, people start relying on your site for daily content and you must update trending updates to them to avoid losing them. That doesn't mean you should spend all days and nights without having breaks. You can create breaks during weekend to have time with friends and family.

Monetization: Making money from entertainment blog is a key to success when you are having traffic. Below are recommended ways you can use to make money from your blog.

a) CPC network: Cost Per Impression has to do with impression advertising. I'm sure most of you know what that means. You earn per thousand page view on your site.

b) PPC network: Pay per click network is also a way to make money from your entertainment blog. Google Adsense and Yahoo ads are the best ads network that converts very well. I'll share with you in this article how you can get Adsense approval on your entertainment blog.

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c) Paid Link Dumps: Once you build your traffic up, you can start selling plugs. These are links you sell to other people's media. You can earn up $10 to $100 per plug. This is also a way to make money from your blog.

Monetizing Your Downloading Links: In this means of making money, you upload your files such as music, videos or documentation files and when someone download from the sources, you'll earn some money. A good source to start monetizing your download link is

How To Get Adsense Approval on Entertainment Blog

As I said earlier, getting Adsense approval with an entertainment blog is always a difficult task because I know of a friend who is an Entertainment blogger that got rejected by Adsense because of scraps content. He got approved after applying the below tricks. Your entertainment blog will be approved also after reading and applying the tricks my friend used.

All you need to do to get Adsense approval on your entertainment blog is to publish unique content. Even though you are not the original owner of the content, you can re-write it in your own words. If you re-write all your contents in your own language and update your blog with at least 2 posts daily, you have a great chance of getting approval.

If you really want Adsense to approve your entertainment blog, then avoid copy and paste content.

I also recommend you to read How I Got Google Adsense Approval In Just one Month

Those are just a few tips to succeed in an entertainment blog. You can also use the comment section if you have any contribution or there are other ways you use to make money from your entertainment blog, then you can share with us.

Thanks for reading this blog post. Please do well to comment below and also subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest post direct to you email.

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How To Join The GTBank Affiliate Program In Nigeria

The GTBank affiliate program is what we will be discussing in this article.

Finally, GTBank introduced its affiliate program which is known as the I-Refer program. If you have been asking questions concerning the program, how it works and how to get started then you are on the right page. The program is designed to reward GTBank customers for referring or inviting their friends and families to open and maintain GTbank accounts. Whenever you bring someone to open a GTBank account, you will be compensated. You can grab this opportunity as a blogger and monetize your site.

About GTBank

Guarantee trust Bank plc (GTBank) was introduced as a limited liability company licensed to provide commercial and other banking services to the Nigerian public in 1990, and since then the bank has expand and become one of the most trusted and popular bank in Nigeria.

GTBank Affiliate Program

The GTBank affiliate program allows you earn for inviting your friends to open an account with them. So with GTBank you don't only save your money for the future but you also make money from them through the GTBank I-Refer Program.

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How to Join Gtbank Affiliate Program

In order to join the GTBank affiliate program and start making money, you have to follow the following steps.

1. Submit a GTBank I-Refer form. You can submit the form with either via GTBank internet banking platform or through GTBank branches nationwide.

2. An I-Refer GTBank code wiil be generated which serves as an affiliate link. The link will be given to you upon registration so as to use for anyone you refer, be it family or friend.

3. An email will be sent to your referral, asking them to open an account with the bank

4. You receive N100 cash for every referral. You can refer as many people as you want.

This is how it works

  • Get an i-Refer form from GTBank
  • Fill the form completely with your correct details and submit.
  • Refer as many people as possible to earn more

Conditions for GTBank Affiliate Program

As we all know, there are rules guiding any business. The GTBank is no different and before you start earning from the GTBank affiliate program, you need to abide on the following rules and regulations. Without you abiding, no payment for you.

  1. You must use the correct Referral Code for opening the account
  2. You must activate a GTBank MasterCard or withdrawal card,
  3. Only GTBank customers whose account are active (referrals) are allowed to join the program.
  4. Your referral must carry out at least one transaction on the Referral Account,
  5. The referrer’s account must be active for at least one month.
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The GTBank I-Refer Affiliate program is a way to make extra income inviting your friends. Don't be discouraged about the commission rate because the more people you refer the more your earnings increase. You can also promote your link for the aim of increasing your earning.

In this article I've shared with you how you can join the GTBank affiliate program and everything involved. If this article was helpful then don't hesitate in using our share button below to share this post to your friends and relations on Facebook or twitter.

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How I Got Google Adsense Approval In Just A Month in 2020

Google Adsense is one of the best CPC ad network to make money by displaying ads on your website. Every newbie blogger have a dream to monetize their website or blog through Adsense. But applying for Google Adsense with your new blog and getting approval can be a little daunting. Most of the time new bloggers get rejected and that ends their blogging career. I know of a friend that quit blogging just because Google Adsense rejected his application. I must tell you today that you don't have to quit blogging because Adsense rejected your request. I'll share good news with you today because after reading this post and applying it to your site, you will not receive that ugly disapproval message again, especially my fellow bloggers using Google blogspot.

In this article, I'll share with you how I got Adsense approval on this blog you are reading this post within 1 month. You heard me! 1 month. I heard a lot of people saying that your blog must be up to 6 month in Nigeria before getting approved by adsense. People do say also that Adsense has strict policies and getting approval is hard.

That didn't apply to me at all. I registered on February 05, 2020 and got my adsense approval on March 04, 2020. It is just 30 days to be precise. Although I created my blogspot blog on February 01, 2020. Getting Adsense approval is not as hard as you think. You can get your Google adsense approval in less than a month if you read this post to the end. Feel free to comment on the comment section if you have any question regarding this post or any problem you are facing concerning Google adsense.

This article will guide you through how to get Google adsense approval on your Blogger blog or self hosted blog and start earning from your blog. I got my approval on blogger blog so just read this post and you'll get yours approved.

If you have been following this blog, you'll find out that most of my articles if not all are base on my experience. So this guide is how I got my approval. After reading this post and you still got rejected, drop your website link on the comment section, let me review your site and recommend areas you need to amend.

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How To Get Google Adsense Approval In Less Than a Month

Below are the tricks I used to get Google Adsense approval on my Blogger blog. The same trick apply to self hosted websites also.

It's better not to apply and get disapproved in the first place because first time approval is always good. The reason is because you may find if difficult to identify or correct the issues with your website especially when you have several pages on your website, it will be extremely difficult tracking where the cause of the rejection is. So ensure you read this to the end and re-apply.

Use a Custom Domain

If your site is on Google blogger and you really want to get adsense approval within or less that a month then this is for you. Although you can get approved with the subdomain name of but using a top level domain name give you an edge.

Many newbie bloggers start blogging with a free blogging platform like I do, it is suggested that you get a custom domain name for your blog. I set up a custom domain name before applying. You can get a custom domain name from Domainking for just N1,100 in Nigeria.

If you are using self hosted WordPress site, then make sure your site is hosted on a reliable hosting platform and don't go for the least plan to ensure your site is live anytime. You can host your website on Bluehost.

Content Type

Your Content Type really matters a lot to avoid been banned from the program, the following are content that you should avoid if you really want to monetize your blog through adsense.

  • Adult content
  • Alcohol and tobacco related content
  • Hacking, gambling, cracking and phishing related contents
  • Illegal contents and a lot more

There are other prohibited contents to avoid. You can read them here.

Also, don't blog on the topics listed above after approval because you'll be banned from the program without notice. I also notice that Google hardly approve sites on the following topics Make money online, affiliate marketing and SEO related topics because there are many websites offering such topics. So you need to work hard if you are blogging on those niche.

Also avoid grammatical and spelling errors. This is also a consideration for adsense approval.

Number of Content

The number of content on your blog really matters, especially for blogspot bloggers. Most newbies hurry to apply for adsense even before posting some content on their blog. You need to get enough quality content in your blog before applying for adsense and get approved.

I got my adsense approval on my blogger blog with 25 posts of about 800 to 1000 words. I know of a wordpress self hosted blogger that got approved with 5 to 7 unique blog posts of about 2000 words per article.

Your own case might be the same or similar. I also know of a friend who has more than 60 blog post and still struggling for Adsense approval.

But I think for blogspot bloggers, 20 to 30 unique articles with about 800 to 1000 words will be sufficient for getting approval.

Copyrighted Content and Images

This is where most newbies fail to acknowledge. Most of the bloggers copy content from other websites and use images they downloaded from google search. If yours is insufficient content, that is easy to solve but for the copy and paste guys, you have a long way because Google will detect your content as copied content and you know it is against Google adsense policy. So all you have to do is to delete all your copied content and write unique content. Also you can create images yourself using photoshop or download tons of free images from free stock images stores like Pixabay and Unsplash.

In my own case, I create my images using Photoshop and most of the images I downloaded from google, I give credit to the website author. But I recommend you creating your images yourself.

Create essential pages

There are mandatory pages you need to create on your blog before you get approved by Adsense. You must create the About us, Contact, and Privacy policy pages. To avoid being rejected for any reason, you may include Disclaimer and Terms and Condition page also and ensure these pages are located in your menu or footer section.

Your About us page should contain information about your blog, the author or the owner of the blog and what you are blogging about.

Your Contact page should have means that visitors can contact you, including your email address, contact number and your social media link or a contact form. If you are a blogspot blogger finding it difficult to add a contact form on the Contact page of your blog then do well to comment on the comment section of the page.

The Privacy policy page contains information you tract of your audience, the use and how you use it for. Which has to do with comments, cookies and a lot more.

If you need any assistance creating these pages, you can comment below and I can help you create these pages for free.

Clean Navigation

Before you apply for adsense, make sure your site is easy to navigate and it has a clean interface. Because this is also a consideration for adsense approval.

Make sure you use a mobile responsive theme that looks good on mobile phones. I know of sites that got rejected by Adsense because of poorly designed and hard to navigate theme. There are a lot of free mobile responsive and easy to navigate themes that are good for your blog.

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You can also use a premium theme which will cost you a token. I've listed the best free Blogger and Wordpress theme for fast adsense approval. All you have to do is to comment and I'll share them with you for free.

Don’t Use Other Ads

I see a lot of website saying that you can leave ads from other ads network on your site when applying for adsense. But I must tell you that if you place other ads on your site, Google Adsense will see your site as been crowded with advertisements which might hurt your visitors. So for that reason, google might reject your application. So to avoid that ugly message of disapproval, I urge you to remove other ads from your site. You can place them back after approval from Adsense.


Traffic is not a deciding factor for Adsense approval in most case but I recommend you to consider this while applying for adsense.

Also, you make money from your traffic, so if you are not having traffic, how do you think you can be making money? You must have traffic coming to your blog in order to make money from ads.

There are some other Adsense criteria you should consider while applying for adsense. Like the Adsense Eligibility Criteria. Which states that you must be at least 18 years old and also ensure that your content are written in English language, avoid illegal traffic to your blog and a lot more. You can read all Google adsense criteria here.

The above listed steps are the steps and tricks I used in getting Adsense approval within 1 month of blogging on my Blogger blog which also apply to self hosted blogs. I'm sure this article answers most of the questions you need to know before applying for adsense and actually get approved.

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If you think you have these requirements ready then go ahead and apply for Google Adsense.

It takes Google to review your site from few hours to 14 days and to decide whether to accept or reject your application.

In my own case, I received the congratulations message within 24 hours of application. It was not even up to a day.

What if Google Adsense Rejects Your Application After Applying The tricks?

Often times what work for one may not work for the other. If you get rejected after applying the above tricks then contact me for help or comment below. You can also monetize your blog with other ads network aside adsense.

You can also re-apply because adsense didn't state a maximum number of times you can apply. Disapproval from adsense should not end your blogging career because their are other means you can make money from your blog.

In this guide, I've listed all you need to get adsense approval. If you are having any question, do well to comment below.

Don't forget to share this post to your friends.

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Domainking Affiliate Program Review: Make Money With Web Hosting in Nigeria

The Domainking affiliate program is what we will be reviewing today. In this post I'll review to you all you need to know about the popular hosting company in Nigeria, how to sign up an account and start making money through their affiliate program.

What is

Domainking is a popular web hosting company in Nigeria. They offer services such as web hosting, domain name registration and many other tools that can help you grow your business online. They launched the "Affiliate Program" to help you make money online by referring people to purchase a web hosting or blog hosting from them through your unique affiliate link.

Domainking affiliate program

Domainking affiliate program is another great way to make money online. As an affiliate, you earn tons of Naira daily without spending a dime. All required from you is to refer people. One good thing you should note about the Domainking affiliate program is that, it's very reliable for bloggers and affiliate marketer and you can share your link on social media.

How to register on Domainking Affiliate Program

To register an account on Domainking and start making money, follow the steps below:

1. visit Domainking sign up page to create an account for free.

2. Now a registration form will be opened. Fill all the details required on the form appropriately with your valid information and click on the "click to continue" button.

3. Confirm your email address and login to your account.

4. Click on the "affiliate" link button. The button is located at the top right corner of the client area.

5. From the new pop up page, click on 'Activate Affiliate Account'. Your affiliate account will be activated and you'll be provided with your unique referral link.

How To Make Money as a Domainking Affiliate

After successful registration, the next step is to start making money from Domainking. To start making money, login to your Domainking account, click on the affiliate section and copy your unique affiliate link and start promoting it. Below are tricks you can use to promote your Domainking affiliate link and start making money without spending a dime even while you are asleep.


Blogging is a great and easiest way to promote your products as an affiliate. As a blogger, you can paste your unique affiliate link on your page, side bar or in the HTML code of your website. You can also paste your link in between post. write your article and paste your link in other to encourage your visitors to use your link to purchase a product after reading your article. Always inform your visitors that the particular page they are reading contains affiliate link to avoid harming their experience on your blog or website.

2. Website designing

As a web designer, you do receive orders from customers to design their website or blog for them. By doing so, you can actually use your affiliate link to host their website and get the commission. You can also offer free blogging tutorials for all visitors that want to host their website or interested in using your link to buy hosting plans

3. Social media

Social media is another trick to promoting your affiliate link. You can share your link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media platforms. You can create a page on Facebook or use your existing page to promote your affiliate link.

Reasons why you Should join Domainking Affiliate Program

Domainking is one of the web hosting company in Nigeria that offers cheap web hosting services. Their affiliate program is also a great way to make money with them. As a Domainking affiliate, you will enjoy the following.

  • Sign up is free
  • You earn N500 as a welcome bonus after you sign up as an affiliate
  • You earn 10% commission from anything purchased by your referral from Domainking.
  • They are trusted and reliable web hosting company that provides good and cheap web hosting plans

How To Cashout Your Earnings From Domainking Affiliate Program

You can request for withdrawal only when your available commission balance is more than N1,000. To request for withdrawal, login to your affiliate account. Click on the withdrawal button and request for withdrawal.

You can also create a support ticket to domainking affiliate team and they will process the payment after confirming your details. Your payment can be approved after confirming your identity proof, address proof and the Bank details you'll receive the payment.

In conclusion, the Domainking affiliate program is one of the best and genuiue way of making money online by promoting web hosting services. The oppportunity is not for bloggers only. Affiliate marketers can also leverage this free opportunity and start making extra income from the internet by referring people to starting a blog in Nigeria.

If you find this article "Domainking affiliate program review" to be helpful, do well to share this information to others.


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How To Make Money From Your Instagram Handle (5 Easy Ways)

How to make money from your instagram handle

Instagram is now a business platform which can be used by business owners such as mini importers and dropshipping eCommerce business owners. It is a social media platform which was first intended for sharing of photos. And I'm sure most people visit Instagram today to catch fun, laugh, get emotional and watch other people's lives.

There are these questions that keep on bothering most of us, which is: Can I make money on Instagram? How do people make money on Instagram? and other related question. While most people don't bother thinking about the data they consumed and how much they could be making daily from Instagram.

Today, In this article, we'll discuss the tactics that you can carry out immediately in order to start making money from Instagram this 2020.

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This days, there are so many ways you can make money online and making money from Instagram is one of them. It does not require you having any professional skills to get started. But before we proceed, let me quickly share with you few things that matters a lot if you really want to make money on Instagram.

The number of followers you have: Having followers is one thing that you should consider. Although it depends on what you are promoting. If you have thousands of followers following you because you do talk about fashion products, a day you would be selling more of your products. So you can start promoting fashion products since your followers know you of that.

Although you can also run Instagram ads. It will grow your handle and sell your products if you don't have enough followers.

Your post reach: The number of people in average that see your posts really matters a lot. How engaging is your account? You can boast this by the use of hashtags and running ads.

People's trust for you: Before you can start any business and make money online, the first thing you should do is to build a brand. People should trust you so that your services can be patronized by them. If you are an authority in your niche, you will get a lot of people who can trust you knowing fully well that you can't scam them nor run away with their money.

After seeing what is required from you to get started with making money on Instagram, the next thing is how to start making money.

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How To Make Money on Instagram

1. Selling Your own Products

You can make money on Instagram selling any physical product that you own or purchase from suppliers. This eCommerce business requires some capital to stock some products.

You can create a business account for free, post your products and reach out to an unlimited audience. If you are not reaching enough audience, you can make use of hashtags and as well promote your products.

2. Dropshipping

You can also make money on Instagram selling other people's products. It is a business that you can use to run your store. All you have to do is to advertise the product as yours, when you make a sale, your supplier will ship the products from their storehouse straight to your customer.

This works similar to the previous listed point on how to sell your products on Instagram. With dropshiping, you don't have to worry about storing or shipping your products. Your supplier will do all of that for you.

3. Become an Affiliate

If you don't want to go into dropshipping business or start selling your own products, then you can become an affiliate by promoting other peoples products, refer people to buy the product and start making money. A lot of people are making money on Instagram through this means.

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As an affiliate, you earn your commission through a traceable link to ensure that any clicks from your link are converted to sales. You can create engaging posts, promote the products and start making money.

4. Become an Influencer

With your influencer status, you can make money from sponsored post by proposing to brands to help promote them in your posts.

An influencer is someone who has built reputation by sharing and doing things online. Credit: ng.oberlo

5. Selling Your Services

You can sell your services on Instagram and make money. If you are a graphics designer, you can make good attractive pictures and videos and actually get a lot of clients from this social network. I know of a friend who is a fashion designer. He is making good sales and more money from his business on Instagram. All he does is to make clothes for people, take photos with them and post it on this wall. As far as he designs beautiful clothes, he attract more buyers and keep making more money. There are a lot of untapped opportunities online that you can venture in. You can actually make a living offering one or two services.

After reading this post, which of the above method do you prefer to start making money on Instagram? Do well to share your thoughts on the comment section below. Don't forget to share this post to your friends!

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Glo Affiliate Program | Join Now and Make Money as a Mobile Agent

Similar to MTN Affiliate Program, Glo Affiliate Program is another genuine way of making money both online and offline through networking. The program allow you to earn extra income by working as a Glo mobile money agent.

I'm sure you already know what "Glo" is, who they are and their operations. In case you don't know, Glo is the best leading Network Provider in Nigeria with the cheapest data rates. Thus, their name "Grand Master of Data".

The Globacom Affiliate Program is what we will be discussing today. With the Glo affiliate program you get rewarded for each sales of Glo products you make. You sign up an account with them and become a verified Glo affiliate and start making nothing less than 30k monthly without much hustle.

What is Glo Mobile Money Agent

Mobile Money Agent is simply a person been registered under a mobile money operator to offer services such as cash-in, cash-out, sim registration, selling of airtime and payment of bills and earn certain commission that is been agreed upon registration.

What Is Required To Be A Glo Affiliate And Become A Mobile Agent

Before you can become a verified Glo affiliate, there are some required items that you need to get started. Which include

  1. A smart phone
  2. A valid Glo sim card
  3. Your time and dedication
  4. Social media account for promotion. Although not neccessary.
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How To Register For Glo Affiliate Program

Registration to this great program is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is to Click here. The next page is the registration form where you will fill in your details. Below are the details required on the form.

  • Name
  • Username
  • Your Glo Phone Number [Ensure it's the valid Glo number your are currently using].
  • Your Email address
  • Local Government Area
  • State of Residence
  • After filling the form with all your correct details, click on the "Submit" button.

Now, you have successfully create an account to become Glo mobile agent. Note that your request will be processed in less than 2 days but not immediately. After when your application is been reviewed, Glo will contact you.

All you have to do is to keep checking your email address or mobile phone to hear from them. For they will contact you as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Joining Glo Affiliate Program

The following are what you will benefit immediately you join the Glo affiliate program.

  1. Excellent Commission
  2. Requires Low Setup Cost
  3. Business And Marketing Support
  4. Increases the flow of customer to your shop
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Glo affiliate program is a legit affiliate program you can venture in. It is officially managed by the Globacom management so you don't have to bother about anything. The program is not for anyone who is planning of making a living from it. It all depend on your marketing strategy. You can give a try today and start generating extra income as a mobile money agent in Nigeria.

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How To Fix Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening on Glo Network

How To Fix Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening on Glo Network

Are you finding it difficult to make your blogger blog open on Glo network after adding a custom domain? Then you're on the right page where you'll learn how to setup your domain to be accessed by Glo users.

I had same problems when I added a custom domain to my Blogger blog, I loosed a lot of visitors accessing my site with Glo network. I now discover the secret and decided to share with you today.

In this article, I'll walk you through all the steps needed to fix this problem. All required from you is to read this post to the end to fully understand the content. If you're still finding it difficult after reading this post or you don't understand any of the step listed on this article. Do well to comment on the comment section of this page or contact me for help.

You need a proof? This site you are currently reading this post can be accessed by Glo network users. Naijamula

About Glo Network

Glo is one of the largest telecommunication network in Nigeria, owned by Mike Adenuga. Glo offers the biggest data subscription than any other network provider in Nigeria. Hence the name, “Grand Master of data.”

As we all know, majority of the internet users today in Nigeria uses Glo network to surf the internet due to the volume of data Glo offers. This actually mean that you lose majority of the visitors accessing your website. Now, let's look into this, if everybody that clicks on your site URL reaches your site. What do you think could have been your site stat by now?

This will make you become so worried like I was. So I recommend you to read this post to the end.

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Custom Domain on Blogger not opening On Glo Network

Bloggers do face this problem after activating a custom domain on their Blogger blog and https is on.

Using a custom domain on your Blogger blog makes your site look professional. Because many visitors prefer and trust websites with a custom domain like .com .net than website because they see blogs with extension as blogs owned by unserious bloggers who do not know what they are doing. Activating a custom domain on your Blogger blog should be of good and not to harm your visitors or cause you headache.

How to fix your blog not opening on Glo Network

Before this issue will be solved, you need to ensure the below listed steps are activated and are in place.

  1. Ensure your custom domain name is connected the right way to your Blogger account.
  2. Also make sure HTTPS is set to redirect and it is activated properly

If HTTPS is activated then proceed to the next step. If not activated, activate it and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes to fully activate it. DO NOT MISS THE STEPS LISTED BELOW!

Now that you have activated https and set to redirect as shown on the image, you need the following to get started.

  • Email Address
  • Make sure you can access your domain name registrar account
  • Internet connected device (Desktop/Mobile device)

If the above listed things are available with a fast and steady internet connection, within 2 to 4 minutes you will be done. Now let us get started!

Step One: How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

a. Visit and create a free account using your Gmail account and your preferred password that you can easily remember. After clicking on the sign up button, Go to your email and check on your inbox, click the link sent to you from cloudflare to verify your account.

b. After verification, login to your account. The next field that pop-up is where you'll add your site name. Enter your site name e.g. and proceed.

c. Now choose a plan. Choose the free plan, scroll down and confirm it. Cloudflare will scan your site and show your A records and Cname records. Cross check and continue to the next step.

If steps (c.) was successful, cloudflare will show your current DNS names and then provide you with the one you will replace them with. Copy and paste them somewhere like notepad or anywhere you can easily access. DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB, OPEN ANOTHER TAB!

That ends step one, ensure you didn't miss any step. Now open another tab to proceed to the next step.

Step Two: How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

a. Login to your domain registrar account and look for the domain you connect with blogspot. I'm explaining with Domainking. Yours might be similar

b. Click on "manage this domain" icon next to the domain you connect with Blogger

c. In the next page that opens, click on Custom DNS

d. Now, delete the the existing DNS and input the DNS provided by Cloudflare in the first two fields and click on save changes. If it's successful, you will see a message telling you that it will take up to 36 hours for new DNS to propagate.

e. Go back to the Cloudflare page that I asked you not to close and click on continue. In the next page that opens, scroll down and click on Recheck Name Server. A message will prompt you that progress successful.

Wait for about 2 minutes for the DNS to fully change. Refresh the page to check if your website has been connected. If yes, then move on to the final step. We are almost there.

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Step Three: How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

Now that you have successfully connected your site with cloudflare, you need to do some configurations inside cloudflare to finally make it works. Do not miss any step! follow the guide below

1. Click on SSL/TSL and toggle on the Always Use HTTPS

2. Click on Cache and toggle on the Always Online

3. Now, Click on Page Rules and create three (3) page rules as show on the image below:

a. Add a new page, copy this URL* and paste on the field as show on the image. Then click on the settings section, select forwarding URL and 301 - Permanent redirect from the drop down. Copy and paste this URL$1. Save and continue to the next page.

Note: Anywhere you see, replace it with your website url.

b. Copy and paste this URL* and do the same thing you did in the first page rule.

c. Now, for the last page rule, Copy and paste this URL http://**. Then in the settings, select Always Use HTTPS or Always Online. Then save and you’re done.

Conclusion on How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

Today I've shared with you the step by step guide on how to solve the biggest problem blogspot bloggers face after activating a custom domain on blogger. So you don't have to worry about losing your traffic especially from Glo users.

Everyone can now access your blog regardless of the network they use.

Were you able to follow all the steps listed above successfully? Were you able to do all the three steps? Good!

Now, Check your blogger blog on glo network and see. If it works, congrats! If it didn't work do well to comment below. May be you have missed one of the steps.

Do not forget to share this post to your friends on social media. If you have any question, please Comment below.

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Benefits of using Custom Domain Name For Your Blogspot Blog

Benefits of using Custom Domain Name For Your Blogger Blog

Starting a blog on Blogger is the best and most preferred way to start blogging. I love the platform because of its benefits. It is free and requires little or no technical skills to get started. Blogger is owned by Google and you can easily monetize your blogspot blog with Google Adsense. The platform requires no investment and the returns is always high.

Almost every successful blogger started with Google Blogger before they become who they are today. Setting a custom domain on your blogger blog is very important. In this post I'll share with you what a custom domain is and the benefits of setting a custom domain on your blogspot blog.

What Is a Custom Domain?

A domain name is the name that represent the name of your home on the internet. Its general name is website address or URL. It is the name that your visitors type on their browser search bar to access your site. When you create a free website on Blogger or, you will be offered with a free sub-domain name by the platform, eg. or

On the other hand, when you purchase a custom domain name from a domain name registrar, the prefix will be removed and you have your site at or You can get a domain name in Nigeria as cheap as N1,000 from Domainking.

How to choose a domain name

Just as when you want to buy any other thing. You don't have to rush and buy any domain name without thorough research. Your domain name represents your brand so you need to choose wisely. Below are important things you should know when choosing a domain name.

  • Choose a domain name that relates to your brand. The best version and most preferred is the .com extension.
  • Do a thorough research as I said earlier. Check the availability of your chosen domain name on the internet, if it has been taken by some other person, then try another.
  • Don't choose a domain name that is very long and very difficult to pronounce
  • Avoid using numbers and hyphen(-) in your domain name
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But before I share with you the benefits of using a custom domain name on your free website. Let me quickly share with you the disadvantages of free sub domain names.

  1. Visitors see your website as an unserious website that is not professional
  2. You will loose Domain authority when you switch to a custom domain.
  3. You can only monetize you blog with Google Adsense for the .blogspot blogs.
  4. Whenever you buy a custom domain name, you'll need to re-submit a sitemap to all search engines again.

Benefits of custom domain name for your blog

You really need a custom domain name for your blog to avoid the disadvantages of sub-domain name. Let me quickly share with you the benefits of using a custom domain name on your blog.

1. Buying a custom domain name increases your confidence

This reminds me when I was still on the free domain name. I didn't have the full confident to tell my friends about my blog. I'm sure most of us are facing this same problem. When people see the tag of blogspot, they tend to think you are not serious about your blogging.

After when I bought a custom domain name, I have the full confidence to share my blog posts with friends on social media etc.

2. Buying a domain name is cheap

Getting a custom domain name is pretty cheap. You can get a good domain name for as low as $1-$13 from Godaddy and as low as N1,000 from Domainking in Nigeria.

3. Custom Domain name shows your seriousness toward Blogging

Having a nice design website with a premium looking layout and a custom domain make people feel how serious you are toward blogging.

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4. SEO advantages

Custom domain help you enjoy a lot of SEO advantages. Building of backlinks is very important perspective when it comes to SEO ranking. If you really want to build backlink to your website, then setting a custom domain name is the only option for you. Because people don't like links to a blogspot blog.

Also, a custom domain blog ranks higher on search engines. So to boast your ranking on search engines, you need a custom domain name.

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5. Custom Emails for your blog

With a custom domain, you have the ability to use a custom domain-based email address. I believe you might have seen a custom email address. A custom email address has a domain based email address for your blog. eg. [email protected] You can use your custom domain name on Google app.

Where to buy a custom domain name

I usually buy domain name from Domainking. They offer all sought of domain extensions including for Nigerian blogs. They have a 24/7 ready customer support to attend to customers complaints. At domainking, is N1,100. Click here to buy.

If you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to communicate them by commenting below.

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How To Become A Millionaire In Nigeria (Fast Ways)

How to become a millionaire in Nigeria

Almost everybody wants to become a millionaire in Nigeria. If I may ask now, do you want to be a millionaire? The obvious answer is yes. But the big question is how?

Becoming a millionaire can never happen by magic or accident, rather, becoming a millionaire is systematic and also requires a level of discipline, determination and wisdom.

Becoming a millionaire is not as hard as you may think. There are certain peculiar characteristics you would possess. Those millionaire we see today started from somewhere before they become who they are today.

Today we will be looking at invaluable tips and pointers that can make you become millionaire in Nigeria.

1. Have the Mentality of becoming a millionaire

This is the very first and most important step in your quest to becoming a millionaire. You need to have the mentality of becoming a millionaire and eliminate any mentality that accepts poverty as a way of life.

In other words, what you think is who you will be or act towards. So you need to think like a millionaire in order to become a millionaire.

Reading motivational books, texts and quotes can guide you on the right path because switching from your previous way of thinking might be difficult at first. So you need to cultivate a reading habit.

Whichever method you prefer to adopt when trying to change your mentality either by placing notes on the walls of your room where your eyes can frequently see or saving it as a wallpaper on your computer or mobile phones. Do it. Try as much as possible to start reasoning as a millionaire and you will surely become a millionaire.

2. Spend Less Than What You Earn

Spending less than what you earn might sound common to you but it is not. If this money mistake was as simple as you think to avoid, everybody could have become who they wish to become and nobody would have been in financial crisis today. To curb the urge of spending more than your earnings, maintain a budget and then track it closely. Try to avoid things that are very above your means. Whatever you need, try to look for a version that is within your means.

3. Learn to grow your savings

If you really want to become a millionaire then you must develop this discipline, No matter how small you earn in a day, weekly or monthly, try to save something. Saving helps you generate more income over some time.

I know it's hard to save money, especially those that are in the low-income class, but you need it. You need to find a way to save something from what you earn. From your savings, you can easily start up a second business that is good for you.

That doesn't mean you should not do what you ought to do or buy properties that will make you feel comfortable. But it would be necessary if you postponed certain wants for the meantime.

4. Do Not Rely On One Source Of Income

Relying on one source of income can lead to an absolute disaster. No matter how great your source of income is, try to double your hustle. Many people depend on only one source of income and are quite happy to get a pay cheque on a fixed date. When that business runs into problem, it might create a huge financial issues.

5. Start small, think big

Becoming a millionaire does not mean that you'll wake up one morning and find yourself a millionaire, but you have to start from somewhere. As I said earlier, start thinking like a millionaire. Change your mentality and start reasoning like a millionaire. Most of the businesses you see today were at some point small before they are what they are today. Dreaming big does not mean you must start big.

Often times the money you struggle to save might not be enough for your intended business. At this point what you should do is to invest the little you have and start from there because if you keep on saving incomplete capital and waiting for it to complete, other needs may arise and before you know, you have started eating the incomplete capital.

The point we are making here is, if your capital is not enough to stock your intended business up then stock it up with whatever items you can afford for the meantime At some point we do fall victim of spending up our capital due to some needs or emergency that arise.

6. Take Risks

In your way of becoming a successful millionaire, you must take risk. All the successful entrepreneurs you see today are risk takers. So to become one of them, you should ne ready to take risk.

Every form of investment you make has to do with risk taking. Meaning, if you can't take risk, then you can't make an investment. For you to be wealthy, you must make investment.

Do not take risk that the odds are against you, because you are trying to take risk and be successful.

7. Diversify

As a millionaire aspirant, we do face the problem of stagnancy. Don't rely on your line of business, aspire for some other line of business. Have a bigger plan to expand and increase from where you currently are, for every week, month or year. No matter your line of business.

There is this popular saying of putting all your eggs in one basket. As a millionaire aspirant, you must not do that. Expand your business and make more investment.

8. Follow trends and Embrace technology

What was working some years ago may not work today. It is possible that the way your business is right now might not be effective if run in the same or similar manner next year.

Following up with latest trends and technology is what you must do. For instance, latest gadgets is what is installed in every successful stores. Which help minimize the rate of stolen items from customers and other related acts.

There are so many other trends that you should follow up to make your business safer and better.

You can also use the services of insurance companies to cover up some losses in case of any bad incidents.


In this article, I've listed above the points to take in becoming a millionaire. If you really want to become a millionaire then take these to heart, focus on your goals.

You could be a civil servant or employee of another company, if you don't have any business and you're not planning of owning one then you are wrong. You should start thinking of starting your own business if you really want to become a millionaire. Most importantly, clear your mind of the mentality of poverty.

Remember the above tips are not for certain people, it's for everyone. If you have any questions or more tips to share with us, then use the comment section below.

Don't forget to share this post to your friends.

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MTN Affiliate Program Review: How To Make N5000 Daily Selling Airtime

MTN affiliate program

Have you been wondering how to make money on MTN Nigeria? Then look no further for you will learn everything concerning the MTN Affiliate Program in this post.

What is MTN affiliate program?

The MTN affiliate program is created by MTN which allows people to earn a commission on every sale they make on the network which includes Selling of airtime and data purchase. The program is for everyone in almost every part of the world.

How To Make Money With The Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online that I personally can recommend to anyone both Bloggers and Business owners. With affiliate marketing you don't have to worry about anything, it requires less stress and you'll be making thousands of Naira in less than no time. Affiliate marketing has to do with earning a commission on every sales you make or product purchased through your affiliate link. Let us not go further with affiliate marketing, let us focus on MTN affiliate which brought you to this page.

MTN is the most leading network provider in Africa; no one can doubt her power. The program is legit and you don't have to worry about losing anything.

How The MTN affiliate program works

The MTN affiliate program allows you to earn certain commission on every airtime and data you sell to interested customers.

When you make any sale, you earn a commission of 2%

When you recharge airtime for yourself, you earn 1.5% of the airtime.

Facts About The MTN Affiliate Program

  1. Registration is absolutely free
  2. Cashing out is daily and unlimited
  3. You are your own Boss
  4. Earning is unlimited
  5. You get rewarded when you recharge your own line

The program is powered by MTN so you don't have to bother yourself about scam or losing anything.

How To Register And Start Making Money Fast

As I said earlier, registration is free and as simple as ABC. But before you register to the program, let me quickly share with you some requirements you need.

  1. Mobile phone with an MTN sim card (A smart phone will be the best)
  2. A GT Bank account
  3. Little capital to fund your MTN wallet account (Say N5,000)
  4. A good business plan (Who is your targeted audience?)

If you have the above listed requirements in place, let us proceed to the registration. Here is how to join the program.

To register an account, all you need to do is to take your phone with an MTN line inside, dial *2018# then follow the related positive prompt and got yourself successfully registered. You will be asked to input a secret 4 digits pin. That is for security reasons. Just type in a pin that you can easily remember but hard for others to guess.

Getting Started After Registration

So now that you have successful registered, the next thing is to start making money straight to your bank account. Now, the first thing you should do after registration is

1. Fund Your Wallet

This is very important because without funding your wallet, you won't be able to sell airtime. Which means No commission for you.

In order to fund your wallet and start selling airtime and data, you need a GT bank, as I said earlier. But if you don't have a Gt bank account we will help you out.

This is how to fund your wallet

  • Get a Gt Bank account
  • Dial *737*50*AMOUNT*2018#

Ensure you are a registered member of the MTN affiliate program. If yes, your line will automatically be credited with your specified amount in the USSD code you dialed. If you don't have a GT Bank account, follow the guide below.

How To Do MTN Affiliate Program Without a GT Bank Account

If you don't have a GT bank account and you are not ready to open a GT account for now. All you have to do is to rush to a trusted person, ask the person to help you fund your wallet with the given code. When his is done, your wallet will be automatically credited.

MTN has promised to include more Nigerian banks very soon in the nearest future.

Now that you have fund your account, all you have to do now is to start the business. Sell airtime and data and generate commission to your wallet daily.

2. Start Selling

Now that you have successfully registered and fund your wallet. It’s time to start the main business. I think this is the fun section because man must make money after all the hustle. All required from you now is to dial *2018# to access your dashboard, select any of the feature that leads to the action you want to perform. You can sell airtime / data, check your wallet balance and all other task by dialing the USSD code "*2018#".

How to advertise the MTN Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is the best and legit means to make money online but most people find it difficult and frustrating to earn from the program because they hardly meet new friends to buy from them. That is why I added this section, so that you can get more people to buy airtime and data from you.

  • You should inform your friends and family who are MTN and Airtel customers
  • Leverage Nairaland as an opportunity to get more people through their paid banner ads.
  • Advertise on your social media page. If you don't have a page, create one.
  • Join social media groups
  • Do a giveaway to create awareness

Am sure you can start making huge amount of money with this program. Have any question? drop us a comment and don't forget to share our post on social media.

Happy money making

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How to Design a Website for your Business

In today's world, most businesses if not all need a website for their business. Having read the Reasons you should create a website for your business, today we'll be looking at how to create a website for your business.

I'll be sharing with you the key suggestions for creating your website today. None of my listed option is completely free. As a business owner or individual looking for ways to build a website for his/her business, I'll never advice you to use a free website building platform to avoid lost. Meaning your site can be deleted at any time without notice. Free website builder has a lot of disadvantages. As we all know the popular saying "free thing no day last" please permit me for using the pidgin, but that is it.

Creating a website for your business can be done in two ways. Hire a web designer to build your website for you or by DIY (do it yourself).

Hire a professional web designer

You can hire a web developer to create your website for you. A web developer is an experienced personnel in designing and maintaining websites.

Hiring a web developer is the recommended route to follow as they know best practices and latest technologies. Some of the reasons you should hire a web developer to design or create your website for you is that you can tap from his experience, get helpful tips and recommendations from the web developer on building your business online strategy.

You can contact us to develop your website for you.

Build the Website yourself

You may decide to design your website yourself. Before designing a website for yourself or your business, the first thing you need to know is your website name and also note that your website needs a space on the internet. That brings us to Domain name and Web hosting.

Domain Name

Domain Name is really important when starting your website. It is a unique address which visitors or customers will type on their browser to reach your website. Knowing the right domain name for your business is the first thing you should consider. Your Domain Name should relate to your business name.

You can get a domain name from Domain name registrar , make payment which is yearly and proceed. You can get a cheap domain name from domainking.

Web Hosting

Web host is where your site is hosted on. It accommodates all your files and also determine the speed and performance of your website.

You can host a website yourself if you're running a very big business, but we do rent for hosting space on the internet which is recommended.

How To Build your Website with CMS and Templates

There are tools like the popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. These tools offer a graphical user interface which makes it easy to design your website. Just drag and drop and you'll have a website within minutes. The most popular CMS software is WordPress.

Website templates are like website skeletons just as the name "template" goes. They come with the layout of the website. So all required from you is to add your preferred images, logos and links you could have on your website.

And if you have knowledge on web design, you can customize the template further to suit your taste.

CMS comes with a back end that makes it easy to add and update content on your website.

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Building your website yourself without prior knowledge is not always easy. It takes your time and will distract you from your core business. One disadvantage of building your site with template is this, it can cause problems in the future when you decide to change your website look. Especially when you have no knowledge on programming or the likes of HTML and CSS.

Designing your business website yourself requires a lot of hard, so if you are following this path, ensure you are very brave enough.

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