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Top Lucrative Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

Do you know there are business opportunities in Nigeria that can bring you profitable daily income? These businesses have the capacity to generate millions in revenue with little or no skill. Whether you are a 8-5 worker or a business owner, having a business that brings you daily income is nothing but liberating. In this article, I’ve provided a list of daily income business and profitable businesses that can bring you daily income. Do well to read this content to the end and also share your thoughts on the comment section.

In this article, we’ll be discussing on the following:

  • A list of daily income businesses Daily income business ideas
  • Cheapest business to start in nigeria
  • Daily income stores in nigeria
  • Untapped business in nigeria

Lets dive in

1. Catering / Food Business

This business is lucrative because everybody would always need food. If you are passionate about cooking, then you need not waste any more time. Why not turn your passion into money making machine? Turn that passion into a daily income business that can bring you financial freedom.

Ocassions like weddings, birthdays, events etc requires you, the list is endless. There is a huge market out there waiting to buy from you. It is important to build a strong relationship with your customers and also provide good customer service. If all these are done, you’ll find out that you can actually earn a living from this business.
If you don’t have passion cooking or can’t hire someone to do the job for you then continue reading for other daily income businesses listed in this article.

2. Transport Business

The Transport Business is quite a profitable venture to key in. In Nigeria today, the population keeps increasing which means transportation is a major need for the average Nigerian. You can start transporting people to various destinations. All you need is a car and registration and you can start making daily income.

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This is how to go about it, if you don’t have a car or you can’t afford for now, then follow what a friend of mine did. He hired a car and was giving weekly returns to the owner, and from there he was saving for his own. He just got his own car last year December.
So if you can save very well and you’re in locations like Lagos where transportation is a major need then you can actually make a lot of income daily.

3. Baking Business

This is another lucrative daily income business. Pastries, snacks, cakes and others are in high demand in Nigeria. All you need are baking tools, equipment and you can start selling from the comfort of your home. You can bake cakes and pastries for parties and events and make lots of income on the go. You can leverage the power of social media to promote and sell your product.

4. Electronics Repair Business

Electronics repair business is one of the daily income business you can start in Nigeria. Starting this business is simple and you should learn every one of the ropes. An electronic repair business has unlimited profit potential and a low start-up cost.
You can start with selling of electronic parts.

5. Car Wash Business

Major cities like Lagos is a great business environment for car wash businesses to thrive. You can solve this problem by setting up a car wash that can bring you more daily income than you expect.
All you need to do is to site a location that’s really fit for this business and mount your business. Boom! see daily income.

6. Online tutorials

There is increased demand for online education, now more than ever. You can start online tutorials on any subject that you are great at and get paid handsomely for it. You can hold classes on social media platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook or you can choose to upload some courses on platforms like Udemy.
There’re other platforms like also pay handsomely for writing for them.

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7. Freelance Writing

The demand for writers has never been as high as it is now. Can you win the hearts of people through writing? If that’s a yes then this is a daily income business you can venture into. You can make income daily from writing articles and creating content for various brands and businesses.

8. Gaming Business

Gaming business is also a daily income business that you can key into as many people love games. Starting this business erquires you to learn from those who have gone before you.

9. Hair Styling Business

There is no doubt that you will be going home with enough cash daily. If you are skilled at hairstyling, then this is a business you can start and scale over time. All you need is a store and the required tools. If you can’t get a store, you can start right from your home. You can also leverage the power of social media to gain visibility and attract customers.

10. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Business

Start this business in a nice location, keep your rates low with a high quality service and see the outcome. You’ll thank me later.

This business is really profitable and you start making cool daily income from this business.

The market is large and there are lots of business opportunities in Nigeria lurking around yet to be unexplored. You can start up a business today that will grow and scale into becoming one of the largest businesses in Nigeria. Don’t be afraid to take that first step!

Do you’ve any questions? Please drop your comment below.
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