What you should know about the trending Riot Blockchain (RIOT)

Riot Blockchain, Inc. is a Bitcoin mining company, supporting the Bitcoin blockchain through rapidly expanding large-scale mining in the United States. They are focused on expanding their operations by increasing their Bitcoin mining hash rate and infrastructure capacity. Riot believes the future of Bitcoin mining will benefit from American operations and endeavors to be the driver of that future.

Their Bitcoin mining operations include both Whinstone U.S.’ facility in Rockdale, Texas and their hosted miners at Coinmint LLC’s Massena, New York facility. Whinstone U.S. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Riot Blockchain and consists of the single largest Bitcoin mining and hosting facility in North America, as measured by its 300 MW in developed capacity. Riot currently has a deployed hash rate capacity of 2.2 EH/s utilizing approximately 73 megawatts (MW) of energy.

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