How To Pass JAMB 2022/2023 Successfully

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The 2022/2023 JAMB UTME is fast approaching, it’s no news that the jamb 2022/2023 is going to be tough and very competitive due to the vast number of applicants who couldn’t secure an admission last year.


On that note, We are here to expose you to the REAL JAMB SECRET to blast the upcoming 2022/2023 UTME with ease. Stay tuned!

Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB

There are lot of reasons why students fail to pass JAMB. One obvious reason is inadequate preparation for it. If you’re not well prepared, you’re likely to jail the exam.

Many UTME candidates end up failing not because they planned to fail, but because they didn’t know the right path to follow in order to pass JAMB excellently.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of it several times.

Beloved, Keep reading! this proven method have been used by majority of UTME Candidates and it works out for them and it’ll work out for you also.

How To Pass JAMB 2022 / 2023

Below are the proven tips on how to pass JAMB 2022 cbt exams successfully.

  1. Early Preparation
  2. Draw Up A Timetable
  3. Study Consistently
  4. Make Good Use of Past Questions
  5. Use JAMB Recommended Textbooks and JAMB Syllabus
  6. Seek Help
  7. Be updated
  8. Know And Improve Your Weak Points
  9. The God Factor
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Now, that you’ve known what is required to pass JAMB CBT EXAM 2022, Let’s pick each point one after the other.

Early Preparation really matters when you wish to score very high in JAMB. You need not to wait till JAMB registration 2022 commences before you start studying for JAMB.

Early preparation helps you guarantee your success in the JAMB CBT EXAM 2022. It also help manage other facets of your life like family commitments, manage stress and overcome procrastination.

Draw Up A Timetable

Another secret on How To Pass JAMB 2022 is by drawing up a study timetable.

The importance of having a study timetable cannot be overemphasized. Every student who wishes to pass his or her exams very easily must have a study timetable.

Your study timetable should include all the subject combination you chose when registering for your UTME. For example, your first choice course is computer science, your UTME subject combination should be: Mathematics, Use of English, Physics and Chemistry.

These subjects should be allocated time accordingly when planning your study timetable.

Study Consistently

To score above 300+ in your JAMB UTME 2022 then you should develop the habit of consistent reading. This will help you understand and remember more.

Don’t attempt to cram all your studying into one session. Plan when you’re going to study.

Make Good Use of Past Questions

Studying past questions increases your chances of scoring very high in the JAMB CBT 2022 because it’s no longer a news that JAMB repeats past questions.

JAMB questions are usually modified over the years. So, Don’t cram JAMB past questions and answers!

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Use JAMB Recommended Textbooks and JAMB Syllabus

If you want to prepare for JAMB and pass excellently, then there are no substitutes for good textbooks.

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JAMB Syllabus is a very important tool that helps candidates score above their cut-off mark. That’s a secret that most candidates don’t know.

Scoring high in JAMB is very easy only if you prepare the right way.

JAMB Syllabus and recommend Jamb textbooks help you prepare and organize the course.

It Explains each subject structure, exams, review sessions, and other activities required for students to learn the material.

The JAMB 2022 syllabus is the first JAMB expo you can ever be given. Try as much as possible to make the right use of it.

In the syllabus, you will find the list of topics you are required to cover for each subject.

Trust me, you can also find likely questions in the JAMB syllabus if you use it the right way.

This is also another secret on How To Pass JAMB 2022/2023.

Know And Improve Your Weak Points

Knowing your weaknesses gives you a clearer understanding of things that may be holding you back, and you can then work around finding ways to not let your weaknesses pull you behind.

When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can create a development strategy that focuses on your specific development needs.

Be Updated

During the period of JAMB registration and preparation, a lot of updates will be released.

One way to get these updates is to visit NaijaMula daily or subscribe to our daily newsletter.

If you are not informed, you will be deformed.

This is also another secret on How To Pass JAMB 2022.

The God Factor

God is the source of true success and therefore you must ensure you talk to him by praying before and after study for retentive memory and divine understanding.

A lot of students prepare thoroughly for exams but end up forgetting nearly everything they studied for the exams.

Prayer is very necessary to help you pass JAMB 2022 without cheating. Follow this rule and your success in the upcoming exam is very certain.

But remember, Faith without work is dead. So, ensure you balance studying with asking for wisdom from God and your success will be certain.

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How to pass JAMB successfully

Scoring high on JAMB 2022 successfully without studying will become easier for you only If you follow the above tips and recommendations on how to pass Jamb 2022.

Conclusion: How to pass my jamb 2022

Apply these few tips when studying will increase your chances of passing JAMB 2022.

  • Study at the same time
  • Each study time should have a specific goal
  • Never procrastinate your planned study session
  • Start with the most difficult subject first.

Scoring high on JAMB 2022 will become easier for you only If you follow the above tips and recommendations on how to pass Jamb 2022.

Determination is what motivates us to improve ourselves, make positive changes in our lives, and increases our chances of success.

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