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How to fix ad serving limits on your Adsense account

Most bloggers display ads on their website which is a means of monetizing the site. Chances are that Google Adsense is part of the ads bloggers prefer. Often times bloggers who are just starting use only Adsense ads the as network on their website. Having ads serving limit through Adsense which is the only ads network is a nightmare to most.

It means your monetization efforts are limited, and you’re not able to reach your full ad revenue potential through AdSense.

In this article, we'll share with you why Adsense allows ads limit and how I fixed mine. Make sure you read this post to the end, also share your thoughts on the comment section.

What is Adsense Ad Serving Limit?

Adsense Ad Serving Limit is temporary placed on your adsense account. This is as a result of invalid traffic concern. At least it's better than getting your account disabled or banned. so anytime you get this Ad Serving Limit, always have it in mind that you just escaped banned from adsense and and see how lucky you're.

In middle 2019, Adsense added a Policy Restriction Policy Called the Ads Limit or Limited ads given to any active adsense account found guilty of invalid traffic, invalid clicks or any invalid activities like click baits, buying of traffic etc.

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This policy was added due to the numerous ways accounts were getting banned, hence the need to add a policy to have a second look and review before further actions, like i said earlier, adsense limits is a good thing.

According to what Adsense Posted on their Policy Center Page Invalid traffic includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings. Invalid traffic covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks.

Types of ad serving limits

1: Account being assessed

This type of ads limit occur when adsense discovers an invalid activities on your account. They set this limit while they are busy accessing your traffic quality. There's no set time to wait for limits to be removed. They automatically review and update the limit as they finds out more information on your traffic quality.

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Invalid traffic concerns

This is similar to the one mentioned above. This limit occur when adsense finds invalid traffic on your adsense account, so they limit ads serving on your account. Adsense will automatically review and update this limit as they find more information on your traffic quality.

This invalid traffic is usually cause by bots that click on your Adsense ads or accidental clicks and clicks from click farms.

How to prevent Adsense ad serving limit

  1. Try as much as possible to understand your ads site visitors and traffic by using Google Analytics to get detailed information about your website visitors.
  2. Avoid partnering with untrusted/low-quality parties like purchase Traffic by Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Make sure your traffic is organic traffic.
  4. Don’t click on your own Adsense ads for any reason

How to solve adsense ad serving limits for Blogspot users

Firstly, remove all Adsense codes on your blog and disable ads.txt, then start posting more quality contents on your blog for 1-2weeks. Make sure your traffic is from Google, during this period avoid traffic from social media.

After 1-2weeks return your ads codes, turn on auto ads and enable the ads.txt back, leave it for 24hours and your ads will start displaying again (This step has worked for They may extend the limit period if they discover other invalid traffic concern during this period.

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If the above step didn't work for your blogspot blog, then Go to your adsense Dashboard and Create new ads units, copy the codes and paste it on your blog, then turn off auto ads codes or remove all auto ads codes from your blog and within 12 hours your ads should be live again.

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How to solve adsense ads serving limits for WordPress users:

Start by removing all codes from your wordpress blog both auto ads codes and non auto ads, then turn off the auto ads in your adsense account, then get ready to lose your blog traffic for 1-2weeks, by redirecting your domain to and leave it redirected for 1-2weels, after this limit period, remove the redirections and place your manual ads codes back not the auto ads!

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Within 12hours your ads should be displaying again.

Other Things to do whenever you are having Adsense Ad Limits in your account

  1. Reduce the Number of Ads in your page
  2. Don’t add a third party ads like Media network, PropellerAds, bidvertiser network etc
  3. Block all social traffic
  4. Edit your contents and make sure it is plagiarism free

Also, if you're sure of getting approval then I recommend you to disable your Adsense account and applying for a new one. This is recommended if only you are sure of your blog content!

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Adsense ads serving limit can be very annoying and heartbroken especially when it takes longer than expected or when you've earned a lot of your account. Because in my own case, all my earnings was erased. Personally I've experienced this ads limit on my blog and it took me about a month to get my ads live. I tried the above steps and it worked perfectly for me, it will work for you also. All required from you is patience and avoid invalid activities. Buying of traffic from unknown sources and platforms as well as clicking your own ads and so on can lead to ads limit, so avoid all of that.

The bottom line is that if you want to stay long with the adsense platform then follow their rules and regulations and your good to go.

Happy Money Making!

Please share your thoughts/experience on the comment section below


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