Free Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic – Best Guide For Bloggers

Free Ways To Increase Your  Website Traffic

Do you know you can boast your website traffic today with simple tricks? I’m sure you are here to learn how to increase your website traffic. You are on the right page. Welcome

Today I’ll be showing you tips and tricks to increase your blog traffic from 0 to hundreds in just few weeks. With this tricks you can get more subscribers on your website and also grow your business while you are asleep.

This tricks help me a lot so I decided to share it with you for free so just keep on reading.

Before I proceed let me quickly give you short info about blogging.

Blogging has been in existence for decades now, some people started long time ago with a good foundation and are having thousands of visitors daily without much struggles. It was only then days that you get traffic even with a poor background and not now.

Some websites as of then with articles of 300-500 words rank on Google first page within few days. Nowadays, ranking and indexing policies keep on changing. So to be successful in blogging you need this tricks.

Despite this changes, there are some factors that are not changeable. So today I will share most of them with you so that you’ll get the best out of your blogging career.

Before You Get Started With Ranking Factors

Firstly, You need to verify ownership of your blog/website by submiting your site on Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster and Yandex. follow the guide below to get everything done.

  • Submit Your website to Google for verification
  • Add URL to Bing
  • Get more traffic with Yandex

Ensure you have done the above steps before thinking about Ranking, Seo and Traffic. Because that is the first step every successful blogger took. If you are having problems completing the above steps, please comment on the comment section of this page.

Now that you have submitted your website successfully to search engine, follow the below guide.

Free Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic – Best Guide For Bloggers

Traffic and ranking is always the goal of every blogger who really want to achieve a lot in blogging. You can’t think of making money from your website without having traffic. Having Traffic to your website helps you achieve all you need as a blogger and as well build your motivation. With traffic you can make more affiliate sales and as well make huge amount of money blogging. So all successful bloggers have a lot of traffic to their website because without traffic you can’t succeed. Without traffic is just like you are talking to yourself, no one to interact with.

I’m sure you now know what traffic is all about and the role of traffic in your website. Let me not bore you with words, let me quickly take you on all you need to get thousands of traffic to your website for free.

1. Post Regularly

Regular posting on your blog is very important as it plays a big role on your domain name also the site root.

A website with a lot of contents are most likely to rank well due to the various keywords people are searching for on Google which helps to generate organic traffic to your website because your website is targeting lots of keyword.

This is very important because I’m sure a lot of people don’t know. Try publishing at least 3 contents every week. Although it’s dependent on your niche e.g Music/Entertainment niche bloggers should try and be posting at least daily.

2. Keyword Research Tool

Don’t fall in the mistake most bloggers make by writing articles on their website without doing a proper keyword search.

Keyword is the main phrase you are targeting so that when people type in the phrase on Search engine your blog post will rank on Search engine first or second page. With keyword research your blog post will rank on first or second page on Search engine.

Researching on keyword before writing content on your blog is what really helped most successful bloggers. Most of the tool bloggers use are UberSuggeast 2.0 and Google Keyword planner.

3. BuzzSumo Pings

If you have not heard of BuzzSumo, it is a free ping website that shows the current trending around you.

With this website you can easily know the right topic to write about for easy ranking and fast indexing.

All you have to do is to visit their website, type in your keyword, after it processes you will see the stats on what people are searching for in your location and now you can easily know what to write about for extra traffic.

4. Guest Posting

You can do guest post on other blogs. If you don’t know what guest post is, it means the act of writing content on other blogs for promotion or do follow back link to your website. You can write for successful blogs of your niche.

Guest Posting helps in constructing your domain authority, boosts your website referral traffic and a lot more.

5. Encourage Your Visitors To Share Your Posts

You can encourage your visitors to always share your content with their friends on social media. With this you can get more referral to your website. This is common to people who are into marketing already.

All you have to do is to create a controversial headings with this it will automatically force your readers to take action on sharing it with friends once they are done reading.

6. Review

You can ask other bloggers to review your website. That is simple. All you have to do is to meet your friend who is a blogger also, ask them to write a review about your site and publish on their website. Once visitors see the review about your site on the website, they may decide to give you a visit and continue visiting.


In this article I’ve shared with you free ways to increase your website traffic. Please share this post to your friends because a lot of people are looking for this information.

If you’re having any problems with the steps listed above please do well to comment below.


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