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Altimate Secret On How To Check If An Online Business Is Scam or Legit

The rate of fake online businesses is increasing daily so I’ve decided to share with you my ultimate secret on how to detect scam online businesses.

Could you believe that there are people actively searching online how they can scam people and collect their hard earned money? They are busy seeking for how they can become a successful scammer.

There is no doubt that if scamming should be legalized as a school in Nigeria, you’ll see that it will have the highest population of students.

If you’re in one way or the other being scammed before or you’re seeking information on how to know if an online business is genuine then you are on the right page. In this article I’ll share with you my ultimate guide on how to check if an online business is legit or scam so that you won’t fall victim to scam again.

The rate at which people are learning how to scam is very alarming. While real hustlers are creating business opportunities for people to earn and make a living others are busy creating scamming businesses and defrauding people hard earned money.

I feel so sorry for those innocent people who get scammed and that is the more reason this blog post is written to create awareness. Before I proceed let us understand some important concepts.

What is Scam?

Scam is fraudulent activity performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value.

Scams reside in confidence tricks where an individual misinterpret themselves, pretending to be someone else with skill or authority.

When you see a business that comes up do not rush to invest instead take a while to study it. Find out if it worth doing or not before you invest your hard earned money.

Recognizing Scam

With my explanation below you’ll learn how to know if an affiliate program or any make money online platform is legit or worth investing.

One thing I’ll always say is, business is done to favour both the clients and the members.

When an online business is made to favour only the business owners then we say it’s a scam. And also when an online business portrays itself to favour only the members without favouring the business owners then that is also a scam. Because no one could start a business without making any monetary returns.

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I’ll also say that if a business promise to pay more than what it earns or can afford then it’s likely to be scam. You must note that even if the company or business is paying at that moment, it doesn’t subject itself to free from scam.

If the company subject you to too much stress and at the end of the day they give you peanuts in return then I’ll also consider that business as scam also. Because I’m very sure you won’t like to invest in any business that take much of your time and get you peanuts in return.

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I’m sure everyone know the story ofMMM just as we all know the story of the creation of the earth by God.

MMM broke the hearts of many, especially students and workers who invested their school fees, house rent, and salary just to make quick money.

I never joined MMM because I don’t understand how you’ll deposit money somewhere and get double of it within a short period of time even Banks don’t do that.

Recognising scams can be difficult, but there are things you need to look out for.

A Business Will Also Be Scam If

  • It seems too good to be true
  • When someone you don’t know contacts you unexpectedly
  • If you suspect you’re not dealing with a real company
  • Mostly when you’re been asked to transfer money urgently
  • If you’ve been asked to give away personal information like passwords or PINs

How To Check If An Online Business Is Scam

I know many have been asking how to check our the company, just follow my guide below

1. Double-Check The Domain Name

A lot of fraudulent websites will use a well-known domain name that references a brand or product name. But that won’t be the official website.

You should also be careful of domain extensions like .net or .org as they are mainly used for online shopping.

For example, a fake website domain could be while the original Facebook website is

2. Checkout The Pages Of The Website

Take some minutes to double-check the site layout and pages. You can visit the About Us page to read what they say they are capable of and the business mission.

You should also watch out spelling and grammar mistakes. It could mean the site is not genuine and was put together by someone looking for quick profit.

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You should also check out the Contact us page. Legitimate companies will always spell out ways you can get in touch with them. Any company that is offering goods or services should list a place of business, contact number and as well email address.

If the above pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy aren’t found then you should treat such website as highly suspicious and a fraud business

3. Layout And Appearance Of The Website

When you visit any shopping mail to buy electronics, the clean and those one that look new attract more attention than those ones which looks old.

The same thing implies when detecting a fraud business, you should check the appearance of the website for poor theme/design before investing your hard earned money.

Imagine a website claiming to have paid millions of members yet can’t maintain a good design and has no much pages with nothing to offer. My dear when you come across such, run for your dear life.

4. Check The Returns Policy

If it’s a company that sells products online, it should have a shipping and returns policy listed on its website. If it’s a genuine company, it should tell you how and where you can return items that are faulty.

The website should also have terms and conditions that explains exactly what it plans to do with any data you share and any extra contractual rights you may have.

Check the Internet Archive to see how long the company has had an online presence. A few weeks or a few months old website may not be as reliable as one that has been in business for several years.

5. Checkout Reviews And Comments About The Website/Business

You should carry out an Action research, read comments to study and get reviews about the business to know what people have said concerning the business.

Protecting Yourself Online

There are things that are required from you to protect yourself from being scammed online.

Some scammers try to get your personal data – for example, the name of your National Insurance number. They can use this information to hack your accounts. If you come across platforms that require such type of information without obvious reason, cross check if they’re legitimate.

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In this article, I’ve shared with you my ultimate guide on how to detect a scamming website. What are your thoughts on this?

Please comment below and do well to share this article to your friends.

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