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Often times I do ask myself why new income or investment platform is launched almost everyday. I took this question to most of the investors on my list and I go a lot of responses from them.
I know with this high rate of platforms launched everyday, one can get confused as to which one to join and also which is legit and paying. To the best of my knowledge, most of these platforms we think we can trust barely last even for month. But Why? Is Actify scam?, is scam? is legit? login, Actify login, sign up, Actify ng sign up, Actify sign up, Actify registration, review, Actify review

Throughout last year, there were lots of income programs that flooded out on Social media, basically Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram timeline. Many of them lasted a few months, while others failed before they began. [Hmmm]

Many people have come up with a strategy of joining these programs while they are fresh and paying and cashing out before their inevitable crash. Reading reviews about these programs can help to know which one is paying.

Do you want to know the response I got from those investors after interviewing them as to why income and investment platform barely last?

There responses was… (Continue reading to find out the response). From there responses, we’ll be able to identify fake and real platforms. We’ll be able to differentiate the “goat from the sheep” [Lolz]

So now lets get started to the main business of the day. The topic that brought you to this page is Actify. We’ll be reviewing the platform to know if they worth it or they’re another ponzi scheme that will get lost within a month or few.
What then is is all about?

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What is all About?

Actify ng is an investment platform that rewards you for completing tasks on the platform and for referring people to the platform (Referral is optional on this platform).

Actify ng is just like your regular income program, the slight difference is the fact that your registration fee will only last for three months i.e. After three months, you will have to re-subscribe.

Once you register on the platform with a registration fee of 2000 naira, you would then be able to make money by carrying out activities on the platform and also for referring your friends to the platform.

How does Actify ng works? How Actify works

Actify or Actify ng pays you for carrying out basic activities on its website. These include:

  1. Daily login: 143 naira
  2. Sharing sponsored posts: 250 naira
  3. Referrals: 1000 naira
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How much is Actify ng Registration fee? The registration fee is 2000 naira. If you login for 30 days, you will earn 4,290 naira.

They claim you that you can earn over 15,000 naira monthly without referrals

How can I register on (Actify registration)

To register on Actify .ng, you will have to follow the below instructions: sign up, Actify ng sign up, Actify sign up, Actify registration

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  1. Visit the following register
  2. Contact any of the coupon code sellers listed on the site for your code, and once you get your code, you can then proceed to registration.
  3. Visit the actify Sign up page to register
  4. Fill the form with details like your username, coupon code name, email address, password, phone number.
  5. Click Submit. sign up, Actify ng sign up, Actify sign up, Actify registration
After successful registration, you can then begin carrying out tasks and referring others to the platform.

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After you register on the platform, you would then be able to invite others to the platform and make even more money.

When someone registers through you, you will get 50% of the registration fee i.e. 1000 naira. The more people you refer to the platform, the more you can earn.

Is Actify ng legit? Is Actify legit?

Actify is a fairly new platform, so it is far too early to tell if it is legit or not. The one thing about platforms like this, is that they are not really built to last. When they gain popularity, and lots of people register, they find it hard to pay everyone. Is Actify scam?, is scam? is legit? login, Actify login
The best advice I usually give to people, when it comes to any form of online investment, is to invest what they can afford to lose

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Is Actify ng scam? Is Actify scam?

So far, there has been no complaints from anywhere about actify being scam. Only time will tell, how actify will develop, if it will blossom or fail just like so many before it.

The Responses: The responses I received from investors as to why income and investment platform barely last is, the motive of most of these platform is never to scam people while some has the full motive of scamming people. That’s why we’ve come up with the idea of investing while it’s new so that before the platform get crowded, they might have cashed out.

You can leave your reviews about this platform in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Money Making Is Actify scam?, is scam? is legit? login, Actify login, sign up, Actify ng sign up, Actify sign up, Actify registration, review, Actify review


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