86w.com Legit or Scam | Login, Funding, Withdraw and Review

86w.com Legit or Scam: Sign up, Login, Funding, withdraw, Review and all you need to know

There are several making money platforms online of which one of it is 86w. Many might be asking is 86w legit or scam? How is 86w registration done? How do I fund my 86w account?

Well, these questions in particular will be answered in this article as well as every other detail you need to know about 86w.com.
Before we dive straight to the answers to those questions, let’s take a look at what 86w.com is all about.

About 86w: What is 86w.com?

86w is an investment platform that enables users to earn money simply by creating an account, making deposit and play a game to earn. It is an online betting platform where registered users earn money by playing betting games on the 86w website.

Earning money 86w.com is easy such that an individual can create an account, make a deposit, play a game and eiarn money immediately. All that is required is just a smartphone and internet access; then you’re good.
When you sign up for the platform, you will be given the option to play up to three games per day.

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More about 86w Platform

• 86FB works with reverse algorithm. That is games are predicted with reverse scoreline (that can not happen), that guarantees winning.
• In addition to number 1, if the prediction/ scoreline chosen is what the game actually ends in, then the game is lost, and your capital that you played with would be reversed/refunded back to your wallet.
• Our project is to buy the scores/result of football matches. Normal purchase is to buy the scores of the match results. We are reverse purchases, that is, as long as it is different from the match results, we make money.

How does 86w.com work

To start earning on 86w.com, you must first create an account to become a registered member. Then you are now eligible to play betting games and earn money.
Note that your earnings on 86w depend solely on the amount you’re playing with (deposit amount). This means the more money you deposit/ play with, the more money you make.
Registered users are eligible to earn daily. One major pro of 86w is that you don’t lose. This means your capital will be refunded after losing a bet. The company drops 3 betting games daily (11am, 4:30pm, and 9pm). These games are what users play to earn money.
Users can also earn from referrals programs. Though referring isn’t compulsory but is also one way to earn on 86w. Users earn commission/bonus from new users who join using your referral link.

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal on 86w.com?

86w Minimum Deposit: ₦3500

86w Minimum withdrawal: ₦3500

You are guaranteed to make 3% daily profit of your investment.

86w.com Registration/Signup

Follow the instructions below to register or sign up on 86w.com:
• Go to the 86w.com and click sign up for an account.
• Select REGISTER from the drop-down menu.
• Fill all necessary information.
• Complete your registration by clicking REGISTER at the bottom of the page.

86w.com login/sign in

Follow the instructions below to login/sign in to your 86w account.
• Go to the 86w.com and click login/sign in
• Input your username and password.
• Finally, click on LOGIN.

How to fund your 86fb Account – 86fb Deposit

1. To fund your 86fb account, click on your profile “Me”
2. Click on “Deposit“
3. Select deposit with USDT or Bank Card

How to Deposit to 86FB Using USD

If you are depositing using USDT, then

1. Select USDT and the amount of USDT you are funding you are account with

2. Click on “Confirm recharge”
3. Then transfer the USDT to the USDT address shown on your screen.
Within few minutes, your money will be credited to your 86fb wallet.

How to Deposit to 86FB Using Bank

1. Select bank and then enter the amount you want to deposit
2. Click on “Confirm recharge”
Send the money into the account number you see on your screen.
Within few minutes, your money will be credited in your 86fb wallet.

86w.com Referral Commission

Like I said earlier in this article, 86w referral program is another way to earn money on the platform. It involves inviting friends and relatives to join the platform using your personal referral link.
You earn commission on each referral. The more people you refer the more commission you get.
(1) Invite 5 people to register and fund their 86FB with your referral link and the system will reward you with ₦7,000
(2) Invite 20 people and get ₦33,000
(3) Invite 50 people and get ₦80,000
(4) Invite 200 people and get ₦200,000

86w.com Withdrawal

Provided you have hit at least the minimum withdrawal amount of N3500 in your account, you can withdraw it at any time. All you have to do is to login to your account, hit withdraw then enter your account details as well as your personal information to complete the withdrawal process.

Note that each withdrawal you make on the 86w platform is subject to 5 percent fee imposed by the platform.

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What If you lose?

In a case where a match prediction goes the other way (unfavorable), the company’s “capital preservation plan” is initiated. This means all who staked the game exactly as predicted by the company’s IFC will have their initial capial refunded back to their respective dashboards.
Recall that we stated earlier in this article that the company drops 3 betting games daily (11am, 4:30pm, and 9pm) which are what the users will play to earn. It means only those who play the game (exactly as it is dropped) without editing anything on it will be refunded.
Note that you can also select games of your own and play but understand that if you lose, you won’t be refunded.

86w.com Review

Who is the Owner/Founder of 86w.com: Presently, we have no information about the owner/founder of 86w.com.

Is 86w.com paying?

As of the time of writing this article, I have no evidence of payment confirmed yet but various sources admit the platform is paying. What do you think?

Is 86w.com legit or scam?

Currently, I can’t classify 86w.com as a legit or scam platform. I’ll say invest wisely!


So there you have all the details about 86w including 86w login, 86w.com login, 86w.com review, www.86w.com login, 86w.com sign in, 86w.com register, 86w.com app download has been explained in this article. We hope every question you have in mind has been answered. If you have any other one yet to be answered, drop it in the comment box below and be sure to get a reply as soon as possible.

Feel free to share your thoughts regarding whether 86w.com is legit or scam.
Thanks for reading.




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