October 5, 2022

Almost everyone is interested in making money online at the comfort of their home without paying anything this 2020.

Sure there are a lot of people looking for such opportunity. On this article I’ll be showing you legit ways of making money online without paying a dime. These are the method a lot of people including me use to make money online.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best and legit way of making money online. Blogging has to do with sharing your ideas with other people online. A lot of people are making thousands of naira through blogging.

To start up a blog, you need to pick a niche that you are passionate about, build your blog, publish content and start making money.

You can monetize your blog after getting a good traffic through various method such as through affiliate marketing, advertisements and a lot more.

Making money blogging is very easy if you are writing valuable content that drives traffic to your blog.

You can start with a free website host on Blogger and make money through Google Adsense.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The second means of making money online is through affiliate marketing. You can actually make huge amount of money online this 2020 through affiliate marketing. Bloggers make millions of Naira through this method.

In case you don’t know, Affiliate Marketing has to do with promoting other peoples’ product and earning a commission on product sales. It is easy and simple.

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This is how the affiliate marketing works: when you become an affiliate marketer you’ll be provided with a unique link that links to the sellers website.

When a potential buyer clicks on your link and finally make a purchase of the product, you’ll be credited.

3. Freelancing

Do you know you can make money online through Freelancing? You can join freelancing website like Freelancer.com and start making good amount of money doing what you are good at.

Freelancing is a lucrative way of making money online. You can still get more jobs after when they have seen how skilled you are.

Some fields where you can work as a freelancer include Graphic designing, content writing, web development and designing and many more.

Checkout some freelancing site Peopleperhour.com , Fiverr.com and a lot of more.

4. Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube Channel can earn you good amount of money without paying a dime. With this method a lot of Nigerians are making money on YouTube. All you have to do is to pick a niche, create a Youtube channel, upload videos and start making money.

5. Write and Sell eBooks

If you are good at a particular thing; then no need of asking how to make money online. You can create eBook about what the society is really seeking for, gather enough research and them write something about these ideas. You can write eBook using Microsoft word and then convert to PDF format and start selling your eBook.

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You can advertise your eBook through different channels such as Social media or forum websites. Whichever you deem suitable.

6. Taking Paid Surveys

I’m sure most of us don’t believe in survey jobs but I must tell you that not all of them are scam. I’ve listed the most trusted survey sites that is presently paying below. So you can take surveys online and actually get paid.

Some survey sites that are currently paying are Mobrog and opinoonworld are still legit survey sites that pays you for the time you spent on their site. Taking Paid survey is completely free. You can start today if you preffer this method.

7. Online Photo Selling

This sound funny and strang to most of us right? Sure you can make money just by selling photos online. This method is one of the best for people who are photographers of nature or people who are into Graphic designing.

You can start making money through this method by selling your photos to website like Flickrr and ShutterStock . You can give a try because it’s one of the legit ways a lot of people are currently making money from.

8. Shortening URL

A lot of us here might have heard of shortening URL.

Link shortening has to do with shortening links for free with link shortening tools.

Most of this link shortening website don’t pay so I’ll be concentrating on the legit ones that can earn you money for free without investing a dime.

I’ll say Shorte.st is the best. With this method you can make money when people click on your link. You can share you link on Social media or embed on your website.

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I’m sure you can pick any of the above mention method and start making money online in Nigeria for free. If one method didn’t work for you, you can opt in for another.

Despite the big task of making money online, you could always come out as a victor. Who knows you could be the next Billionaire when it comes to online money.

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