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9 Business Ideas That Can Give You Up To 100k Monthly

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Whether you’re a student entrepreneur, an 8-5 worker who wants other income streams, or maybe you’re unemployed and think it’s time to start “your thing,” there are certain ideas. profitable business. start with little capital.

9 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria That Will Give You N180,000 Monthly:

1. Production, distribution of wine

What about your own wine brand?

All you need is a reliable connection with any wine company in one of the wine-producing countries such as China, Chile, Italy, Spain or others.

Then, you have to sign an agreement with the company to produce wine with your own wine brand. Be sure to register this name with the required institution.

You are imported to Nigeria and become the distributor here in Nigeria. You can expect your profit margin to be gross, as you are also a producer of your own wine brand.

The population and number of wine lovers in Nigeria are an indication that it will be a profitable business.

On closer inspections, you should be able to determine the numbers and determine how important the market is or otherwise.

Alcoholic wine can fly more than non-alcoholic, Nigerians like alcohol.

2. Become a YouTuber

Companies like running a YouTube channel are ranked among online businesses to make money in Nigeria. It is a very profitable online business and therefore can be included in this list of profitable companies in 2020.

If you go to YouTube regularly, you may already have some favorite channels. What makes it your favorite YouTube channel? Content, of course you like its content.

YouTube’s list of content types is endless, from comedy sketches to business tips, celebrities to Big Brother Naija updates, and relationship tips.

YouTubers make money from ads from companies like Google and others that pay for corporate ads. There are many more ways to pay via YouTube in Nigeria.

Your YouTube channel revenue can be as high as 6-7 figure, depending on the number of subscribers you can earn and the consistency and creativity of your videos.

3. Interior decoration

Interior decorating is a lucrative business in Nigeria for anyone who wants to start a business and it costs little or no money to start.

The biggest challenge is identifying and finding your customer base. If you can overcome the challenge, you will earn a lot of money for the business.

You can even decide to add sales of items such as fabrics, cotton, bedding, etc.

You only need one or two customers at first. Once you have it, they can refer you to others.

In fact, as an incentive, you can promise them a certain percentage if they bring you business. Now, here are some free business tips for you. Okrrrrrr!

4. Wallpaper and wallpaper payment

Many Nigerians (who can afford it) deal with the wallpaper when it comes to beautifying the home.

Durability and varieties of patterns and designs are some advantages of paint technology over other technologies.

You can take advantage of this trend and get a solid business for yourself.

If you want to make more money with wallpaper companies, you may want to have your own brand of wallpaper.

All you have to do is work with people who make wallpaper in countries like China, have their designs made under your brand name, and then import it into Nigeria and be the distributor.

If you import directly for yourself and both serve the dealer, you can get more profit margins.

Retail and installation are also chances to make money with wallpapers, you want to research everything if you don’t have money to become a distributor.

5. Marriage counseling and therapy

With the rising divorce rate around the world, Nigeria is right (or we call it an unfair part of the divorce rate).

Sad to say, many of the very nuptial weddings where there is an amazing display of wealth and rich people. These wedding ceremonies take place regularly in Nigeria and according to the news we hear, most of these weddings do not last even a moment.

Even sadder is the fact that marriages of everyday people who are not celebrities are almost expensive these days.

It is not a good idea for couples to need the services of professional marriage counselors more than ever.

This service company has great potential here in Nigeria. People like marriage; they also like to stay in their marriages. Many people would be willing to pay for the services of a marriage counselor if they ensured the longevity of their marriage.

Keep in mind that if you do not have the professionalism and experience you need to run this service business, it is best not to start it.

6. consulting company

If you have professional knowledge in services such as marketing, sales, career, social media, etiquette, put it by name, why not offer your services in exchange for money?

A consultant is someone known in a specific field who offers professional advice to individuals and companies in their area of ​​expertise.

If you have a well-developed network and are motivated by yourself, your consultation may be trusted by me; you can pay anything you want to charge, as long as you’re sure your value even meets expectations.

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