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Delete these Apps from Your Phone If you don’t want to get Hacked

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With the alarming rate at which cases of Cybercrimes are being recorded globally, there is a need for every user of the Internet to be Cyber Security-wise. There are a lot of ways these Cybercriminals gains access to their Victim’s personal or sensitive information. It can be through Phishing, Business Email Compromise( BEC), or Dos attack.

Another way is through the various Apps we do download online. Most times, some of the Apps we download online are not really what we thought they are. Some of them are malware in disguise, specially designed to steal people’s data and harm their device. You may not notice their presence at first, but with time, you start seeing the aftermath of downloading them on your phone.

So on the list of those applications, you should delete from your phone

1) Delete any modded App from Untrusted Source –

Modded Apps ( Mod APK) are modified versions of the original App. The primary reason people download them is because of the special features being added to them like viewing deleted messages, hiding online status, viewing status unnoticed, and many others. Those features are usually absent in the original Application, thus the acceptance from people.

A perfect example is GB WhatsApp. Most of these Modded Apps often come from unknown and untrusted sources, hence posing a dangerous threat to the User’s privacy.

Recently, Google released a list of some Apps that were removed from the Playstore for containing malicious code that threatens users’ privacy, urging users to delete them immediately for their safety. Those Apps are as follows

2) Iplayer & Iwallpaper

(3) Super Flashlight

(4) Synthetic z

(5) Pedometer

(6) Wuxia Reader

7) Shoot master

(8) Photo Blur

(9) Magic call Flash

(10) Blur Photo Editor

(11) Skateboard

(12) Car racing 2019

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