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Mini Importation Business in Nigeria: Complete Guide on How To get Started

Mini importation is one of the best profitable and lucrative business you should venture in this 2020.

In this article, you'll learn how to start mini importation business in Nigeria and Ghana, and also what it takes to be successful in the business.

Mini importation is the importation of goods from outside Country such as China to your country to make sales. It has to do with buying at a low price and selling in a higher price in order to have profit.

If you do this business the right way, it's highly profitable and lucrative. With mini importation business, you can be on your way to financial independence in life this 2020.

To start the business and be successful in Nigeria, you should follow the guide listed below.

How To Start Mini Importation Business


Before starting any business, you need to plan first before you venture in. Planning decides weather the business will succeed or not. Before starting mini importation, you should answer the following questions: First, what product do you want to start importing? Is the product in demand? What is the price of the product? You need to answer the above questions before starting the business. If you buy goods that are not in demand, who do you think will buy the product? Likewise, if you buy goods that the prices are almost the same in your location then that will lead to lost because you are making no difference.

So you should first decide the product you want to start selling, ensure it is a fast selling goods in your area or in the location you want to build your business.

Now, let's go into the basics information you need to start mini importation in Nigeria and how to succeed in the business.

Cost of starting a mini importation business in Nigeria

Starting a mini importation business in Nigeria is not that expensive nor cheap. Starting mini importation business would cost you around N50,000. I see some people saying you can start the business with just N10,000. Although they are not wrong but it depends the product you are importing and their prices.

Secondly, the reason I said N10,000 can take you no where is because, you will buy the product from China, Ship the product to your destination and also you might pay small thing to run campaign for your purchased goods on social media. So this might cost you more. As you are just starting the business, you need to run small campaign on social media.

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How to identify products that are in Demand in Nigeria

As I said earlier, you can't buy a product that is not in demand in your location and expect the product to sell or make profit from the business. So I'll share with you how to identify selling products in Nigeria.

The below listed niches are what is really selling and profitable in Nigeria.

Health products

Health products is a selling product in Nigeria, not only Nigeria but almost everywhere. You can get cheap health products from China. There are variety of health products ranging from belly fat burner, diabetes etc. You can make more research to get more.

Beauty products

Selling beauty products is a very lucrative business to venture in Nigeria. Selling beauty products doesn’t require any basic knowledge. Look for product that solves problem such as Clean & clear since nobody will like to have pimples on their faces. So look for a fast remedy products such as cream or soaps etc.

Also, you can look for products that make life easy since every body is looking for easiest means to carry out their day to day activities.

You can go for products like mobile blender, hair straightener etc.

Where To Buy The Goods From

There are many places or websites for you to buy the goods you have chosen to sell. I have listed below, trusted and cheapest places to buy products from in China. They include:

Aliexpress is one of the best and cheapest eCommerce website a lot of mini importation gurus in Nigeria buy products from, because of the price difference.

Another option is although a lot of people complain of language barrier on the site as it is written in Chinese. With the help of Google translator, you will be able to translate the language to English language.

Payment and Shipping

You can pay for the product using your ATM card. Although, currently, most of the Nigerian banks don't accept international transactions using your MasterCard or Visa card. But I'm sure GT bank still allows that. you can find out if it is allowed in your bank.

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Some of the business offers free shipping. However, your product gets delivered within 60 days. One thing with most of this eCommerce website is that you can't track your goods in transit. That is why I recommend the above listed two. Just ensure that your address where the goods will be delivered is traceable.


You can start marketing your products before it arrives. This days, internet has made everything easier for mini importers. The most common ways mini importers sell their products in through social media and Forums or blogs. I'm sure you'll really make more sales if you have a blog.


Mini importation is one of the best lucrative business you can venture in. All you need is to know the secret of the business and you'll surely succeed.

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