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Moolatask Review: Is Moolatask Scam? Click Here To Know

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Welcome to NaijaMula Review on Moolatask. In this article, I’ll be reviewing Moolatask to know if Moolatask is scam or legit. All required from you is to read this article to the end and also Subscribe to this blog to receive our latest post directly to your mail box.

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As the internet lives, so many investment and ideas in money making comes into play almost everyday. A lot of platforms keep launching, but they barely last for a month, that’s why there is need for this review.

You may have searched for questions like: what is Moolatask all about? how can I earn on Moolatask? Is Moolatask scam? is Moolatask legit? what is Moola task?

To answer all your questions, this article is written. Please kindly read to the end!

What is Moolatask All About?

Moolatask is simply a marketing solution platform for advertisers, business managers and owners and whoever is interested in making little legit money online. If you register on Moolatask, you’d be paid for just completing some marketing tasks, and other digital marketing tasks.

That’s simply what the platform offers and it connects business owners and advertisers with viable promoters/ marketers and potential consumers. This can be a good way to make few bucks online.

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When was Moolatask Launched?

Moolatask was launched on the 15th of January 2021 and they already
have about 5000 members.

How Does Moolatask Works?

I must say this, Moolatask isn’t an income program where you’d first have to pay to

Is Moolatask free? The registration is absolutely free.
There are four ways to earn on the platform and they are;


The amount the users earn when they complete a digital marketing tasks depends on the advertiser’s budget for the campaign and the level of result he/she wants. But in all, you can earn as much as ₦15,000 monthly doing tasks on the platform and you’ll be paid monthly. Assuming an advertiser gave a task campaign and he budgeted between ₦1,000 to ₦1,000,000 with a certain amount to pay per task. This depends on the results needed and the number of members who complete the task.

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All the advertiser’s budget would be fully shared among the members who participated and completed the advertiser’s task

You can also earn by referring others to join. But this referral system is based on a fix amount of money allocated for referrers in a period of time. Let’s say the platform allocates between ₦100,000 to ₦1,000,000, the money allocated would be shared only among those who refer others to join. Meaning, if you refer another person, you get 10 moola points from the allocated amount. And when the allocated amount is exhausted, there won’t be referral bonus anymore until another money is then allocated again. The reason for this is to ensure they have enough money to pay so that some won’t end up not getting paid.

How can I join Moolatask

The following are Moolatask requirement a

You are required to have accounts on certain social media like Facebook, Twitter etc because at some point, you’ll be required to share posts (perform tasks).

How does Moolatask earn money?

Moolatask as a marketing solution service system that pays participant users 100% advertisers bids and budget per task.
However, we sell ads to generate extra revenue to grow and
sustain the Moolatask platform and also pay referral bonuses base on the available allocated funds.
So you have nothing to worried about this time as you are on a safe platform.

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How to Register on Moolatask ( Moolatask Registration )

To register on the platform is free once again. Here are the
information you’ll need while registering;


Moolatask Login

To login, you must have successfully registered, after registration, click on the login button to login to your account

Who is the Founder of Moolatask?

Moolatask Founder: Moolatask was founded by the popular founder of then NNU and NNU Forum (Nigeria News Update) Paul Samson

Is Moolatask Legit

Many of us have been wanting to read this part of the article. I how it pains to invest our time, energy and money on platforms that barely last for a week. This is my review on Moolatask gathered from existing users and the look of the platform.

As of the time of this review, we’ve not received any negative complaint from users which made us to conclude that the platform is legit and not scam. Yes! Moolatask is legit. Although Paul Samson’s NNU didn’t make many people happy in the end but this is to make up for everything.

Is Moolatask Scam?

Considering the past, the likes of nnu and nnuforum, you may see the platform as scam as it’s own by the same founder of them all. But In my own review, I’ll advice you to give it a try since it’s free. Paul Samson brought the first income website in Nigeria and many benefited from it! Besides, you don’t need any fee to register on the platform this time around. Meaning, you have nothing to lose but definitely something to gain.

Conclusion: Is Moolatask Scam or Legit?

On this article, I’ve reviewed the platform Moolatask to know if it worths investing your time and energy. Do you have any questions or you’re an existing member?

Please share your thoughts below. Do forget to Subscribe to this blog and also share this article.

Thanks For Reading


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