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KashZoo Mobile Agency Banking Review: Charges and How to become an Agent

KashZoo is one of the trusted and reliable mobile money agency company with fastest and secure transaction in nigeria.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the following: how to become a KashZoo agent, Kashzoo agent registration, how much is kashzoo pos, agent login and more.

What is KashZoo Agency?

Kashzoo is one of the trusted and reliable platform that just joined the agency banking market, the app is available on the google play store with awesome features. It also works like paycentre and other fintech agency banking platforms with low charges and high commission compared to the other platforms, apart from that they also have their own “Mobile POS” device also called the Mpos. Without even downloading the app on your device you can Pay, Send and Settle with a click of a button and also get 7% discount on every bill paid with Kashzoo.

One this guide I’ll also share with you how to become a Kashzoo agent.
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There are a lot of complain by agents about debiting customer’s account without them (the agent) seeing the money on their wallet.
This issue commonly occur on some point of sale (POS) terminal when there is no network (either the customer bank network or the terminal).

Point Of Sale (POS) business is one of the coolest business you can start in Nigeria but do you know that there are misunderstanding between the agent and the customer? This is one of the business that I see poeple having problems especially when they’re faced with networks problems. This problem usually occur when the customer is debited but the agent didn’t receive any credit alert.

Boom! ‘problem don start ooh’

If you are to be the agent, will you give the customer the money despite you’ve not received the credit alert? No, you can’t, because is not in your account.

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The only solution for them is to visit their bank to complain the issue. And not all customer understand that. They might think you want to cheat them.

Note: All POS terminal can debit customers account, if there is a bad network during the process of the transaction. Such problems can be fixed KashZoo POS terminal by contacting support teams.

How does KashZoo POS works?

KashZoo pos was meant to make and receiving payments with zero stress. Without even downloading the app on your device you can Pay, Send and Settle with a click of a button and also get 7% discount on every bill paid with Kashzoo.

How Can I become a KashZoo Agent?

Becoming a KashZoo agent is very simple. All required from you is to download their app on Google play store, register, and start using it after you have completed your KashZoo registration. you can now request for their Mpos device, which can be used to do cash withdrawal transactions for as low as 30k with a Bluetooth printer that can be connected with your Android device.

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Does KashZoo Give out POS Machine?

No, KashZoo doesn’t give out pos device, rather they only give Mpos device to their agents.

How Can I get KashZoo POS?

Just like I said ealier, Kashzoo only gives Mpos and not pos machine and the Mpos can only work with your Andriod phone linked together with their mobile app.

What is Mpos?

Let me quickly clear some people as they might be confused what mpos is all about. Mpos simple means Mobile Point of Sale. An mPOS or mobile POS is a portable point of sale on a smartphone or tablet that functions as a register.

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How can I Get / download Kashzoo Mpos?

The Kashzoo Mpos is available on Google Playstore. All required from you is to download the mobile app and get started.

Is Kashzoo Network Reliable?

You may’ve asked questions like How reliable is Kashzoo network? I’ll always say that no POS or Mpos is perfect but as for kashzoo, I’ll rate their network 75%, base of the reviews gotten from their agent and from people who are also using it as a back up. Customer service wise not that okay as most of their social Media handle is not that effective.

Note: This rating is as of the time of this review. Being the fact that they just joined, their is still enough room for improvement. You may drop your reviews on the comment section of this page if you’ve gotten any experience with them or you have a question concering Kashzoo network.

How Much is Kashzoo Pos?

The price is not clearly started, although they don’t give pos.

Kashzoo Charges and Commission

Service Regular User Super Saver
Airtel VTU 0% 3.5%
MTN VTU 0% 2.7%
GLO VTU 0% 3.5%
9MOBILE VTU 0% 3.5%
Ikeja Electric 0% 1.5%
Eko Electric 0% 0.8%
Kano Electric 0% 0.8%
Port Harcourt Electric 0% 1.5%
Jos Electric 0% 0.8%
Ibadan Electric 0% 0.8%

Kashzoo charges for Transfer and Withdrawal

N1,000 to N5,000 are charged at N30

N5,001 to 10,000 are charged at N45

N10,001 to N20,000 are charged at N76

N20,001 to N40,000 are charged at N85

N40,001 to N100,000 are charged at N110

N100,001 to N200,000 are charged at N150

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