October 5, 2022
How to disable windows 10 automatic update

We all like windows 10 because of its advance features. But often times we are always frustrated with the windows 10 automatic updates. Although windows update is good because it fixes bug and also download the latest version of files needed for a better performance of our PC. But the automatic updates is what we don’t want.

The main reason we want to disable windows update on our PCs is because it consumes a lot of our data. Maybe data that you want to use for download of files or surf the internet.

I can remember some years ago when I was in Secondary school struggling to get money for data subscription. Whenever I do my monthly subscription, Windows 10 automatic updates takes up the whole of my data whenever I plug in my modem to browse. I got frustrated at that, so I decided to share it with you today how I solved my windows automatic update.

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How To Disable Windows 10 Automatic Update 2020

Now to the main section. In this post I’ll share with you methods you can use to Permanently Disable windows 10 automatic update.

Method one

Follow the steps below.

  1. Power on your PC (personal computer)
  2. Click on the windows “start menu” and select “run”
  3. Then now, type “GPEDIT.MSC” and hit the enter key
  4. Click on “User Configuration”
  5. Click on “Administrative Template”
  6. Click on “system”
  7. Scrol down to “Windows Automatic Updates” and click on it
  8. Click on “Disable”
  9. Click on Apply and Ok
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Now whenever you want to update your windows, Just go to control panel and check for updates

Method Two

If the method one doesn’t work for you or it’s complicated then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the windows “start menu” and select “run”
  2. Type “services.msc” and hit enter
  3. Double click on “Windows update”
  4. There is a drop down button after the “Startup type”
  5. Click on the drop down button and select “Disable”
  6. Click on “Apply” and “OK”

Congratulations, you have successfully disabled Windows 10 automatic update. You are now free to browse the internet without excess data charges.

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I used the method above and it worked very well for me.

Do you have any other method? if yes, please drop it on the comment box.

Thanks for reading, please do well to share it to your friends on social media. They might be in need of this also even more than you do.

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