How To Fix Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening on Glo Network

How To Fix Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening on Glo Network

Are you finding it difficult to make your blogger blog open on Glo network after adding a custom domain? Then you’re on the right page where you’ll learn how to setup your domain to be accessed by Glo users.

I had same problems when I added a custom domain to my Blogger blog, I loosed a lot of visitors accessing my site with Glo network. I now discover the secret and decided to share with you today.

In this article, I’ll walk you through all the steps needed to fix this problem. All required from you is to read this post to the end to fully understand the content. If you’re still finding it difficult after reading this post or you don’t understand any of the step listed on this article. Do well to comment on the comment section of this page or contact me for help.

You need a proof? This site you are currently reading this post can be accessed by Glo network users. Naijamula

About Glo Network

Glo is one of the largest telecommunication network in Nigeria, owned by Mike Adenuga. Glo offers the biggest data subscription than any other network provider in Nigeria. Hence the name, “Grand Master of data.”

As we all know, majority of the internet users today in Nigeria uses Glo network to surf the internet due to the volume of data Glo offers. This actually mean that you lose majority of the visitors accessing your website. Now, let’s look into this, if everybody that clicks on your site URL reaches your site. What do you think could have been your site stat by now?

This will make you become so worried like I was. So I recommend you to read this post to the end.

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Custom Domain on Blogger not opening On Glo Network

Bloggers do face this problem after activating a custom domain on their Blogger blog and https is on.

Using a custom domain on your Blogger blog makes your site look professional. Because many visitors prefer and trust websites with a custom domain like .com .net than website because they see blogs with extension as blogs owned by unserious bloggers who do not know what they are doing. Activating a custom domain on your Blogger blog should be of good and not to harm your visitors or cause you headache.

How to fix your blog not opening on Glo Network

Before this issue will be solved, you need to ensure the below listed steps are activated and are in place.

  1. Ensure your custom domain name is connected the right way to your Blogger account.
  2. Also make sure HTTPS is set to redirect and it is activated properly

If HTTPS is activated then proceed to the next step. If not activated, activate it and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes to fully activate it. DO NOT MISS THE STEPS LISTED BELOW!

Now that you have activated https and set to redirect as shown on the image, you need the following to get started.

  • Email Address
  • Make sure you can access your domain name registrar account
  • Internet connected device (Desktop/Mobile device)

If the above listed things are available with a fast and steady internet connection, within 2 to 4 minutes you will be done. Now let us get started!

Step One: How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

a. Visit and create a free account using your Gmail account and your preferred password that you can easily remember. After clicking on the sign up button, Go to your email and check on your inbox, click the link sent to you from cloudflare to verify your account.

b. After verification, login to your account. The next field that pop-up is where you’ll add your site name. Enter your site name e.g. and proceed.

c. Now choose a plan. Choose the free plan, scroll down and confirm it. Cloudflare will scan your site and show your A records and Cname records. Cross check and continue to the next step.

If steps (c.) was successful, cloudflare will show your current DNS names and then provide you with the one you will replace them with. Copy and paste them somewhere like notepad or anywhere you can easily access. DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB, OPEN ANOTHER TAB!

That ends step one, ensure you didn’t miss any step. Now open another tab to proceed to the next step.

Step Two: How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

a. Login to your domain registrar account and look for the domain you connect with blogspot. I’m explaining with Domainking. Yours might be similar

b. Click on “manage this domain” icon next to the domain you connect with Blogger

c. In the next page that opens, click on Custom DNS

d. Now, delete the the existing DNS and input the DNS provided by Cloudflare in the first two fields and click on save changes. If it’s successful, you will see a message telling you that it will take up to 36 hours for new DNS to propagate.

e. Go back to the Cloudflare page that I asked you not to close and click on continue. In the next page that opens, scroll down and click on Recheck Name Server. A message will prompt you that progress successful.

Wait for about 2 minutes for the DNS to fully change. Refresh the page to check if your website has been connected. If yes, then move on to the final step. We are almost there.

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Step Three: How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

Now that you have successfully connected your site with cloudflare, you need to do some configurations inside cloudflare to finally make it works. Do not miss any step! follow the guide below

1. Click on SSL/TSL and toggle on the Always Use HTTPS

2. Click on Cache and toggle on the Always Online

3. Now, Click on Page Rules and create three (3) page rules as show on the image below:

a. Add a new page, copy this URL* and paste on the field as show on the image. Then click on the settings section, select forwarding URL and 301 – Permanent redirect from the drop down. Copy and paste this URL$1. Save and continue to the next page.

Note: Anywhere you see, replace it with your website url.

b. Copy and paste this URL* and do the same thing you did in the first page rule.

c. Now, for the last page rule, Copy and paste this URL http://**. Then in the settings, select Always Use HTTPS or Always Online. Then save and you’re done.

Conclusion on How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo network

Today I’ve shared with you the step by step guide on how to solve the biggest problem blogspot bloggers face after activating a custom domain on blogger. So you don’t have to worry about losing your traffic especially from Glo users.

Everyone can now access your blog regardless of the network they use.

Were you able to follow all the steps listed above successfully? Were you able to do all the three steps? Good!

Now, Check your blogger blog on glo network and see. If it works, congrats! If it didn’t work do well to comment below. May be you have missed one of the steps.

Do not forget to share this post to your friends on social media. If you have any question, please Comment below.

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