How To Create Affiliate Income Website Like NNUforum In Nigeria

Owning a website such as IBTforum, NNUforum and other news reading website that supports affiliate earning can earn you millions of Naira in Nigeria.

Have you been searching for how to create or own one for yourself? I’m sure you are here to learn how to create a website like NNUforum. We at NaijaMula Blog will highlight to you all you need, the resources and everything needed to create a website that supports affiliate earning.

In case you don’t know what affiliate income website is, Affiliate Income website are website that pays you real money for performing task such as reading news, viewing and commenting on post. Yes, every activity you perform on such websites, you earn money.

Such websites are owned by private individuals like you and I. I know of Paul Sampson, I’m sure you know him too. He started this way and today look at him, he makes nothing less than N1,000,000 Naira from his website within a year. I’m sure you reading this post can make more than that.

Also, look at websites like IBTforum, Lpv, blog24, Greenbox, Trustedworld etc. are earning descent amount of money from their website by enabling others make money also. Such website pays you at the end of every week or month.

Let me not bore you with words, let’s go to the main story “How To Create Affiliate Income Website In Nigeria”

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UPDATE: If you have a Wordpress website or blog, Our team can help you convert it to NNUforum type at no cost

All You Need In Creating Affiliate Income Website In Nigeria

Starting an affilite website in Nigeria is very easy. Below are the resources you need to create such website.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Wordpress Themes
  • Plugins

Now let me explain what each of them means for a better understanding.

Domain name: This is your site address. This is very important because your domain name is what people will type on their browser to visit your website. For instance, is the domain name for this blog. It is very important to choose a Domain name that relates to what your website is all about. You can drop a comment if you need suggestions on domain name. Buying a Domain name is very cheap in Nigeria.

Hosting: Hosting is where your site is stored. It’s like a warehouse where all you content will be stored. Your website speed and performance is dependent on your hosting plan. If you are looking for a cheap Nigerian host then I recommend Domainking as they are cheap, fast and reliable.

Wordpress Themes: This is the look and design of your website. There are free and paid version of themes you can find online. I recommend a premium theme for security reasons. Our team can help you with a good premium responsive wordpress theme if you like.

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Plugins: Plugins are mandatory tools required in order to add more functionality to your website. It is the function of the Plugins to allow someone register, make payment, refer people and withdraw base on the parameters you have set.

Cost of Creating An Affiliate Income Website In Nigeria

The exact cost of owning an affiliate income website varies. Some may charge less while others might charge you high. It all depends on who is rendering the service for you.

I think you will spend nothing more than N15,000 Naira if you are doing it yourself. We can do everything for you at a low cost.

How To Create Affiliate Income Website In Nigeria

To create a website that supports affiliate activity, you need to follow the guide below.

Now that you have everything needed, let’s get started on How To Create Affiliate Income Website In Nigeria.

  1. Install Wordpress from your cpanel on your hosting server.
  2. Get a good looking theme that suit your taste.
  3. Install all the necessary affiliate plugins. Click here to get a list of all the plugins
  4. Promote your website to get more members to your site. You can get more members through social media

That is all needed, nothing more than that. You may need little knowledge on programing to avoid doing the wrong thing at the right time. That is why I recommend you to Contact our expert team to do it for you.

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In conclusion, owning an affiliate website is not impossible nor hard. All you need is to follow the necessary guide listed above. You can contact us to build a website of your choice.

I’m sure you have learnt something today. A lot of your friends are looking for this information. Please share this information with your friends by clicking the share button below this post.

If you want a list of all the plugins needed to create an affiliate website, please comment below. I didn’t list them in this article for some reasons. All you have to do is to comment below


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