Free Blogspot Seo Tools For Bloggers

Google Blogger is one of the best free host which allows you to host your website for free. It has a lot of tools that I’m sure most of you don’t know. Today we will be looking at Free Blogspot seo tools.

Ranking your Blogspot blog on Search engine first page is not easy, I’m on Google blogger so I know what I’m talking about. This Blogspot seo tools helped me a lot, at least most of my traffic is from search engine. So I decided to share this with you. If you have been following my tips on this blog you’ll find out that I do share things that works for me and I’ve make use of.

I’m sure you are visiting this page because you are hosting your website on Google blogger or you just need some Blogspot seo tools with less or no cost so as to rank on Google first page.

All your ranking problems has been solved in this page, you are on the right page where you will learn how to rank well on Google Search Engine. Remember, I share tips that worked for me so I’m sure following this guide will work for you also. All you have to do is to ensure you follow all the steps on this page.

Free Blogspot Seo Tools For Bloggers

Making a career in blogging requires more work not about just having a nice designed website but you need this tools to build traffic for your real online business.

In this article we will be looking at free Seo tools for Blogspot and Wordpress. But before we proceed I’ll like to carry everybody along. I think some people don’t know what Seo tools are. Seo Tools are online Plugins and software that improve the functionality of a website’s Search Engine Optimization. With Seo Tools, you have a better chance of getting Search Engine Optimization done on your website fast.

Now let’s quickly look at the best Seo Tools For Your Blog this 2020.

1. Duplicate Content Checker

Duplicate Content Checker allows you to check the existence of the particular post you want to write about before writing them. This tool allows you to know the availability of your content on the internet. The tool is free and encourages you to struggle very hard to have a better ranking for your keyword in search engines because of how that particular content has been written over many sites.

2. Spelling Checker

I’m sure with the name you already know the function of the tool. The tool helps detect spellings and grammatical errors in your content. The software is free and you can get if from

3. SiteMap Generator

You really need a sitemap for you website. A Sitemap tells the search engine how to easily crawal pages in your website. Without a sitemap, you are most likely to loose a lot of daily traffic.

Visit to start using the software for free.

4. Seo Analyzer

Seo analyzer is an online tool that allows you to easily detect bugs on your site and what to do in order to fix them. The tool is for both WordPress and Google Blogger users

To know more about the software and start using the tool visit

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5. Site Speed Checker

Knowing the speed of your website is very important. As a blogger that wants the best user experience for his website, you need this tool.

To check you website speed visit

6. BackLink Checker

Backlink is very important as a blogger. Backlink helps in getting your website authority pulling up.


7. Alexa Ranking Checker

Alexa is a free tool that shows your website rank both locally and globally. It shows the correct analytic of a website ranting among others.

You can check you website current position among others by visiting the link below

8. Domain Authority Checker

The Domain Authority Checker tool shows your website current statistic in terms of ranking other domains targeting the same keyword with you.

Domain Authority is the authority a domain has. It is measured from 1 to 100, with 100 as the highest.

Having a good Domain Authority authority and Page Authority increases you traffic from search engine.

Visit to check your website authority.

9. Ubersuggest 2.0

Ubersuggest is a free tool for all blogspot blogger and also wordpress users. with this tool you can easily find out what is trending for easy keyword.


I’m sure you have learnt something today. Use the tools listed above and tell me the ranking of your website. All the tools listed above are free so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Please do well to comment and share because a lot of people are looking for this information.


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