October 5, 2022

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In this Fias777 review, I’ll be sharing with you all you need to know about Fias777.com

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What is Fias777 all about?

Fias777.com is an online platform that allows participants earn money for performing online tasks. According to the organization, for example, in the VIP 4 category, a member pays 10,000 birr and is ranked. He clicks 17 jobs a day, and pays 18 birrs for one job. It earns 306 birrs per day or 9,180 birrs per month.”

Fias777 has been very popular and has reached 2 million registrations in ethiopia, the organization said in a statement.

However, we have seen that it operates on a pyramid-based basis, such as QuestNet and Tiens, which have previously been banned from operating in Ethiopia. This is done by recruiting a large number of people, while the former internet money, while many remain fraudulent.
According to information received by Ethiopia Check, payments to the enterprise will be made through the Bank of Abyssi and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

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Although the company claims to have registered in Ethiopia, we have been able to verify this from the Ministry of Trade Registration Office.

“People who post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Twitter and YouTube have a lot of viewers, so we get paid from Facebook, we work with them,” said one person who was asked by an Ethiopian checker what the organization was doing. But we can see that there is no link to these social media.

Asked about his agreement with Facebook, the man who claimed to be a representative of the organization replied, “I have no hand, I am with people abroad.”
Scam Advisor and Scam Detector, which monitors fraudulent websites, also report that the pages appear to be fraudulent:
Https: //www.scamadviser.com/check

Many of our recent series have been asking questions about the identity and legitimacy of Fias 777.
The company calls itself a “commissioned advertising agency” and says, “We work with a variety of social media networks.” He added: “We provide various services to registered members during the day. The tasks are very simple. Just click. At least 5 minutes.

The amount of work a member receives and the amount of money he earns varies according to the level. Ranging from VIP-0, VIP-1, to VIP-5. ”

Fiass777 Vip plans

VIP 0: Can only complete 3 tasks and can only withdraw money
once (100 Birr)

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VIP1: It costs 1000 Birr.
Complete 4 tasks per day, each activity is 6 Birr, daily income is
Birr 24, annual income is Birr 8,840.

VIP2: costs 3000 birr.
Complete 6 tasks per day, each activity is 14 birr, daily income is
84 birr, annual income is 30240 birr

VIP3: costs 6000 birr.

Complete 11 tasks per day, 16 birr each, daily income 176 birr,
annual income 63360 birr.

VIP4 costs 10,000 birr.
Complete 17 tasks each day, 18 birr each, daily income 306 birr,
annual income 110,100 birr.

Cotps Review

vip5 costs 30,000 birr.
Complete 38 tasks per day, 25 birr for each task and 950 birr per
day. Annual income 342000 Birr

Note: VIB0 can only complete 3 tasks and withdraw money only once (100 Birr)
According to announcement from the website Upgrading VIB level, you can get extra commissions every day, VIB level can be raised without limiting daily rate, increase VIB level, validity period is 365 days, and can be renewed at the end of the term.

Fias777 Register (Fias 777 Registration | Fias777.com sign up)

  1. Visit https://fias777.com/#/pages/register
  2. Fill in the required information including your personal data and email address
  3. Finally, click on Fias777.com register button to successfully complete the Fias777 sign up process.

Fias777 Login (Fias 777 login | Fias777.com login)

  1. Visit https://fias777.com/#/pages/login
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Click on Fias777.com login button

Fias777 App download

To download the Fias 777 app on your device, kindly click the below link:

Fias777.com App Download

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Is Fias777 Legit

We are yet to verify if Fias777.com is real or fake. However, we advise you to share your experiences about this website using the comment section below.

Is Fias777 Scam?


Generally, the website is scam of hiden groups to collect the money of individuals. So you’re advised to exercise extreme caution when using this website.

Conclusion on Fias777.com Review

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https://fias777.com/#/pages/register login

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