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Earnatbamboo Review: Is earnatbamboo legit or scam? Register and Login

Read everything about in this earnatbamboo review. You’ll be knowing if it’s legit or scam.

You may have come across a link that begins with sign up or login and some other referral and Earnatbamboo registration links

The bamboo app has gained significant popularity in a short time, partly due to the fact that they promise to gift you 600 naira as a complimentary gift that will be added in your wallet balance, once you register.

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What is Earnatbamboo all about

On earnatbamboo, you can make money by completing basic tasks that depends on the type of subscription you have. Basically, when you register as a member on bamboo, you will be able to complete tasks and earn daily.

The number of tasks you can complete is totally dependent on your subscription (well explained later in this post), the higher your subscription, the more tasks you can complete and the higher you can earn.

In this earnatbamboo review, I’ll be writing about all you will need to know about this platform under the following sub topics “Is earnatbamboo legit?”, “Is earnatbamboo scam?”, How does earnatbamboo works? earnatbamboo login, “earnatbamboo subscription”, “earnatbamboo referral” and more.

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Let me not bore you with words, let’s go to the main business of the day. earnatbamboo review: Earnatbamboo Scam or Legit?

What is earnatbamboo? is a platform that pays you to complete tasks on Youtube, twitter, facebook and Instagram.

On earnatbamboo, you can make money by completing basic tasks that depends on the type of subscription you have. Basically, when you register as a member on bamboo, you will be able to complete tasks and earn daily.

When you register on the platform, you will automatically be ranked on free VIP with a withdrawal amount of 600 naira as a complimentary gift that will be added in your wallet balance.

Earnatbamboo subscription packages

The different subscription packages on earnatbamboo are:

Free VIP

Subscription fee: 600 naira

Minimum withdrawal: 3,000 naira

Daily revenue: 40 naira

Daily task number: 1


Subscription fee: 3000 naira

Minimum withdrawal 750 naira

Daily revenue: 300 naira

Daily task number: 3


Subscription fee: 12000 naira

Minimum withdrawal 3000 naira

Daily revenue: 1650 naira

Daily task number: 5


Subscription fee: 42000 naira

Minimum withdrawal 10800 naira

Daily revenue: 5400 naira

Daily task number: 8


Subscription fee: 120000 naira

Minimum withdrawal 33000 naira

Daily revenue: 16500 naira

Daily task number: 12


Subscription fee: 210000 naira

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Minimum withdrawal 54000 naira

Daily revenue: 27000 naira

Daily task number: 16

How to complete tasks on Earnatbamboo

How can I complete task on earnatbamboo? To complete tasks on the Bamboo platform, follow the below:

  1. Task center shows the current executable tasks from facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.
  2. Click on anyone of them, members will see executable task list, the task list will be automatically process to be completed at the end.
  3. If you click the “auto process” button, then the task will be in auditing task list at ME page.
  4. All the task applied will be approved before 24:00pm of the very day.
  5. The corresponding bonus will be added to your wallet balance as soon as the tasks are audited as listed in the completed task list.
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How to register at earnatbamboo (Earnatbamboo Register)

  1. Visit Register
  2. You can download the app from there or you can register directly.
  3. Input your phone number and password and also the referral code.
  4. Click on Submit and you will have successfully registered.

Once you register, you are automatically ranked at the free VIP membership. You can upgrade to a higher membership by depositing to your wallet.

Withdrawal on earnatbamboo

The withdrawal for the platform opens by 9am to 18:00pm, members are allowed to initiate withdrawal once daily.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 for free VIP, 750 for VIP 1, 3000 for VIP2 and 10800 for VIP3.

Earnatbamboo referral

When you invite your friend to the platform, you get 20 naira. The more friends you invite, the more you earn (or so they claim anyway).

Is earnatbamboo legit?

Earnatbamboo is a new platform, and since it has not been around for too long, it cannot be termed legit or scam. Only time will tell how things unfold.

Make sure you subscribe to this blog, as I will be updating this post, as soon as more information becomes available.

If you want to invest in this platform, I suggest you do so with the free membership, so you can test and see things out for yourself.


Thank you for reading my earnatbamboo review. If you have any comment or question, you can leave it below in the comment section.

Remember to share with your friends on social media and also subscribe to this blog for more Money Making updates.


  1. Earnatbamboo are scarm i used it and deposit my money in it but now they have Temporary lock down. Since the day i send a transfer request they refuse to refund my money and now they’ve gone.
    my advice for people is to be careful with this platforms even if they came back one day and try to start another Lie’s to you

  2. Earnatbamboo is a scam. I invested in their site and when my investment was beginning to ggive result, thy went off.
    Since then, I have come to a conclusion that any ste whatsoever that is reviewed on this site for making money is a scam site. I got to know about earnatbamboo from this review site.

    • Thanks for your reply,

      If you go through our articles on this blog, you should’ve understood that we are in no way promoting any Make Money platform neither do we have any vested interest.

      We provide you an overview of the platform and help you determine if they’re scam or legit. As we have a lot of platforms to review, we may not have the chance to be updating each post Everytime, that’s why your replies is highly recommended to aid other potential investors from falling prey.

      Thanks for your comment once again.


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