October 5, 2022

Bismart is an online innovation and affiliate program that allows you earn money for performing online activities. In this post, we’ll be looking at bismart login, bismart com ng, bismart sign up, bismart Registration, bismart com ng login, bismart.com.ng login, bismart.com.ng and more.

Have you been searching for Bismart review? Do you want to know if Bismart is scam? Is bismart legit, is bismart a legit Platform? Then you’re on the right page. This page will enlighten you on all you need to know about Bismart.com.ng including the ceo and the date it was launched. Kindly go through this article and do well to subscribe 🙏.

What Is bismart.com.ng all about?

bismart.com.ng is an online innovation and affiliate program designed to enhance customer’s financial stabilities. Participants (customers) can make money by doing several activities such as referring people and performing simple task.

How does bismart.com.ng work?

  1. Earning through our spin lottery
  2. Indirect Affliate Earnings
  3. Highest Referral Commission
  4. Non Affiliate Earnings
  5. Welcome Bonus

Ways To Make Money With Bismart.com.ng?

Do you want to know how it works? Below are some ways to earn massive income with bismart

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Welcome Bonus

This is an instant bonus, and no action is needed from your end. You will get N1500 Bismart bonus immediately after registering an account.

Non Affiliate Earnings

Registering on Bismart automatically grants you the opportunity to earn and learn unlimitedly by making use of your internet- enabled gadget. You earn 1500 Bismart points immediately you successfully activated your account.

As a Non-Referral Earner, you earn 300 Bismart points by sharing our sponsored posts on any social media account ( Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter). You also earn 150 daily when you login to your account.

Highest Referral Commission

This is one of the most wonderful ways of making money with Bismart. You will earn N1600 for anyone that joins through your link.

Indirect Affliate Earnings

This means you earn when someone you registered on Bismart directly with your Referral Link Registers another person which can be their friends or family You get another Whooping sum of ₦200 unlimitedly as long as they keep bringing in their friends.

On bismart, there are so many ways to earn and make money. There are so many values awaiting you.

Earning through our spin lottery

Spin lottery is another way to earn on Bismart. You have the chance to win lots of prizes daily by just spinning on your bismart account. Immediately you win a prize, it will automatically be converted into cash and it will be deposited on your Affliate earnings on your dashboard.

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Bismart Register | Registration (bismart.com.ng sign up)

  1. Visit https://bismart.com.ng/ register
  2. Click on the Bismart Register
  3. Fill in your details (Email and phone number is required)
  4. Finally, click on Bismart.com.ng sign up

Bismart login (bismart.com.ng login or sign in)

  1. Visit https://bismart.com.ng/ login
  2. Click on the Bismart login button
  3. Fill in your email/username and password
  4. Finally, click on Bismart.com.ng login

Note: You can login or sign in to in to your Bismart account dashboard immediately after buying the coupon code and Bismart registration is successful.

Bismart Withdrawal (How to withdraw from bismart.com.ng)

The good news about the bismart Withdrawal is that; as a Affliate earner You can request withrawal twice a week Tuesday and Saturday.

While non Affliate earners can withraw their earnings 15th of every month, however you need to earn atleast 5000 for you to withdraw.

Does Bismart Pay without Referral?


According to bismart.com.ng Website, Non affiliate earnings you be 100% rest assured of getting paid once they meet the minimum withdrawal threshold.

However, they included that they start paying from top activity earners to low activity earners till the revenue got exhausted.

Bismart Review

Bismart.com.ng is fairly a new platform, as of now we can’t determine if It’s a scam platform.

Who is the Ceo of Bismart

Unfortunately, no information on the founder of this platform was disclosed during this review. The developers of Bismart.com.ng decides to seal this information for reasons best known to them.

When was bismart.com.ng launched?

Bismart is a new Platform that was launched in 2022. The platform seems to be playing as of now.

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Is bismart legit?

For now, the platform is not yet verified as legitimate or scam. Meanwhile, we strongly advise you to invest with the amount you can afford to loose.

You can check the comment section below for reviews from existing members.

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