Benefits of using Custom Domain Name For Your Blogspot Blog

Benefits of using Custom Domain Name For Your Blogger Blog

Starting a blog on Blogger is the best and most preferred way to start blogging. I love the platform because of its benefits. It is free and requires little or no technical skills to get started. Blogger is owned by Google and you can easily monetize your blogspot blog with Google Adsense. The platform requires no investment and the returns is always high.

Almost every successful blogger started with Google Blogger before they become who they are today. Setting a custom domain on your blogger blog is very important. In this post I’ll share with you what a custom domain is and the benefits of setting a custom domain on your blogspot blog.

What Is a Custom Domain?

A domain name is the name that represent the name of your home on the internet. Its general name is website address or URL. It is the name that your visitors type on their browser search bar to access your site. When you create a free website on Blogger or, you will be offered with a free sub-domain name by the platform, eg. or

On the other hand, when you purchase a custom domain name from a domain name registrar, the prefix will be removed and you have your site at or You can get a domain name in Nigeria as cheap as N1,000 from Domainking.

How to choose a domain name

Just as when you want to buy any other thing. You don’t have to rush and buy any domain name without thorough research. Your domain name represents your brand so you need to choose wisely. Below are important things you should know when choosing a domain name.

  • Choose a domain name that relates to your brand. The best version and most preferred is the .com extension.
  • Do a thorough research as I said earlier. Check the availability of your chosen domain name on the internet, if it has been taken by some other person, then try another.
  • Don’t choose a domain name that is very long and very difficult to pronounce
  • Avoid using numbers and hyphen(-) in your domain name

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But before I share with you the benefits of using a custom domain name on your free website. Let me quickly share with you the disadvantages of free sub domain names.

  1. Visitors see your website as an unserious website that is not professional
  2. You will loose Domain authority when you switch to a custom domain.
  3. You can only monetize you blog with Google Adsense for the .blogspot blogs.
  4. Whenever you buy a custom domain name, you’ll need to re-submit a sitemap to all search engines again.

Benefits of custom domain name for your blog

You really need a custom domain name for your blog to avoid the disadvantages of sub-domain name. Let me quickly share with you the benefits of using a custom domain name on your blog.

1. Buying a custom domain name increases your confidence

This reminds me when I was still on the free domain name. I didn’t have the full confident to tell my friends about my blog. I’m sure most of us are facing this same problem. When people see the tag of blogspot, they tend to think you are not serious about your blogging.

After when I bought a custom domain name, I have the full confidence to share my blog posts with friends on social media etc.

2. Buying a domain name is cheap

Getting a custom domain name is pretty cheap. You can get a good domain name for as low as $1-$13 from Godaddy and as low as N1,000 from Domainking in Nigeria.

3. Custom Domain name shows your seriousness toward Blogging

Having a nice design website with a premium looking layout and a custom domain make people feel how serious you are toward blogging.

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4. SEO advantages

Custom domain help you enjoy a lot of SEO advantages. Building of backlinks is very important perspective when it comes to SEO ranking. If you really want to build backlink to your website, then setting a custom domain name is the only option for you. Because people don’t like links to a blogspot blog.

Also, a custom domain blog ranks higher on search engines. So to boast your ranking on search engines, you need a custom domain name.

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5. Custom Emails for your blog

With a custom domain, you have the ability to use a custom domain-based email address. I believe you might have seen a custom email address. A custom email address has a domain based email address for your blog. eg. You can use your custom domain name on Google app.

Where to buy a custom domain name

I usually buy domain name from Domainking. They offer all sought of domain extensions including for Nigerian blogs. They have a 24/7 ready customer support to attend to customers complaints. At domainking, is N1,100. Click here to buy.

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