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The Best Five ways to boost membership activities on Naijamula

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Everybody wants money and most of us are willing to work at any given opportunity to earn money legitimately. Naijamula can grow bigger and better,it can become one of the most visited sites if the members are motivated. The post is especially directed to the admins. Below are the best five ways to boost membership activities on Naijamula:

1. There should be login bonus daily: No matter how small the login bonus is, this will definitely make many members login to their naijamula account on a daily basis so as to claim this bonus.

2. Sponsored post should be available daily: There are days when sponsored posts aren’t available to share to facebook, this discourages many members a lot and if this is rectified, activities on Naijamula will be boosted.

3. The update about withdrawing with referrals should not be made compulsory

4. There should be a monthly prize for most active member on the site: If this method is adopted, the sky will be starting point for naijamula.

5. Post and comment submission should be approved regularly so as to encourage members to keep commenting and submitting posts.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see a better and stronger naijamula.

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