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Most non-stressful businesses undergraduates can do and earn cash as school are about to resume

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1. Naijamula
As we all know naijamula offers it’s members an opportunity to earn legitimate cash online everyday without any stress. It is a site that pays for your every activity on the site which makes it the number one on the list of this post.

2. Solving captcha online
Do you know that a good number of sites are willing to pay you handsomely whenever you solve captchas. Captchas are like a question or puzzle being asked automatically before some sites can be accessed in order to prevent robots from accessing such sites. Solving captchas online can fetch you a reasonable amount of cash every month and it takes just about 2hrs of your time everyday to earn at least $2 daily. You can decide to work more and earn even more depending on your schedule for the day

3. Selling raw eggs
As an undergraduate, especially those living in hostels, do you know you can make a reasonable amount of profit every month just buy selling eggs? You can do this by buying raw eggs in wholesale price and selling them off. Another tip is that you can just post posters on specific places informing passersby that you sell eggs. If you do this, the customers come to you and you will definitely smile at your bank every month.

4. Blogging
Do you know that just by attracting visitors to your blog, you can earn good cash every month. Google pays you every month for getting a reasonable number of visitors , and just by posting attractive information on your blog you can generate traffic and earn some cash every month.

5. Investing in crypto currency
Crypto currencies are digital currencies with different values that cannot be seen physically but can be used to purchase things online and it can also be sold for real cash. There are a good number of crypto currencies you can invest in and earn money later. You can decide to buy some coins when their value drops and sell them when their value increases. With this method, you earn a lot of profit as an undergraduate

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