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Ways to manage Andriod phone battery

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Today am going to share you can three ways to manage your battery in this article.

Now you have to know exactly things that making your android phone low fast.

The Questions Is this

Why do most android phone battery used to low fast??

There are some things that taking to much %. Let me write down some.

Running app

Unused app

Phone brighter

These are things that running on your phone, that makes your phone battery work hard.

There are three things that you need to do, to avoid the running apps

Of these things.

1. How To stop all running app on your phone. Now go to Settings >> Application >>

Now tap on the app click stop.

Then off your phone screen and on it back. And see how your phone will stay strong.

2.How to adjust android phone bright.To this we all know that before, but some smart phone will not listen up.

Just go to settings >> display. Then adjust the bright Of your phone

3. How to clear unused app( recently app)

We all knows this one very well. You get your phone recently app cleaned by long press home button or right button.

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