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Top 5 Apps Everyone Should Have In Their Phone

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We are now in digital world, technology everywhere but it is a pity that many people still don’t enjoy these technologies, although some people wish to enjoy or wish to know how to use these technologies but there’s nobody to tutor them.

You clicked the right article today, I will teach some things that can be taught online and am sure many people will benefit from it, today I will be sharing with you 5 basic/best apps every individual should have on their phone, I will also be sharing their uses and the reason you should have them.

5, Meditation+: This is one of the best offline meditating app anyone could have, meditation helps relief stress, it also improves the brain. Meditation have many uses that can’t be mentioned in a subtopic. If you have been meditating before, this is one of the best app you can use in improving your meditating skills and if you haven’t been meditating before this is the right time to start. You can visit Google and search to know more about meditation.

4, App lock: App lock is an application that increases your level privacy, it gives additional protection to the protection your phone offers. There are a lots of app lockers but the one I screenshot above is a 5 star rated app lock, it have many unique qualities you wouldn’t want to miss, apart from locking your apps it could also hide images and videos with makes it a 2 in 1 application, thereafter, you can set pin, password or pattern on the app and you also set 2 securities at once.

3, Cheetah: When it comes to typing aspect, you can rate Cheetah keyboard as the number 1 keyboard, it has some advantages you can’t enjoy in other keyboards, just have a try I promise you will love it.

2, English: English is a good everyone should have on their mobile phone, it is on of the best offline dictionary anyone could have, it is every easy to use and it have all it vocabularies explain in medium format.

1, Google Find My Device: It hurts me a lot whenever I glance through peoples applications and I can’t find Google Find My Device. This is the most important app everyone should have on their phone.

Google Find My Device is 100% accurate, it can be used to track or find your phone if it was stolen or you place it, it can be used to find phone without any hacking knowledge. Go through your phone after reading this article, if the app isn’t on your phone pls download it as soon as possible.


Alarmy: Alarmy is an annoying and funny application but very useful for anyone that finds it hard to wake up early in the morning. Alarmy isn’t only a stubborn app that ensure that you are awake before it stop work but it also gives you the best way to start a new day,

it has a mode you can set that will require you to solve some mathematics questions before the alarm stop and doing some brain exercises in morning improves the brain memory.

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