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Low Investment Businesses to Earn Money

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Starting your own business is hard work. We can’t tell you it’s easy, although some are easier than others, especially with the right tools to support you. Some ideas might need a small amount of money to get going. But there are some business ideas that need absolutely no cash investment at all! If that’s the position you’re in, and you have the motivation to put the work in, great!

You just need to keep your energy high, stay determined and find what is right for you. The ideas we’ve outlined in our blog post are good ones, and ones you can be very successful with. However, they’re not whole ideas in themselves – they’re there to inspire you. You will still need to find a unique idea and niche that you can build into, that customers will want to engage with. Without your niche, you risk becoming the same as so many others creating the same type of business. Your niche is what makes you special.


Creating a successful digital product is a bit of a unicorn. If you can crack it, you’ve got an amazing opportunity, because once you have created your product, there’s no extras to deal with. There’s no extra manufacturing costs, no shipping costs, very few storage costs – and your margins remain high. Your product, depending on what you create, has the potential to make money infinitely – the dream!


We know – you’re probably already thinking that you don’t have space to keep stock, or that you don’t have money to buy stock so you can get started. Well, that business model does still occur, but it’s not the only way to build a successful business selling. You don’t have to buy, store and handle goods yourself anymore – although of course, if you want to, you can! Search DropShipping and you’ll find thousands of links to articles talking about how to start selling items from China. While that’s one way into selling, it can be fraught with difficulties that put people off. When you consider the time zones, language barriers and the risk of finding a reliable supplier… It’s easy to understand why people think it’s not right for them and choose not to go for it. But it doesn’t have to be difficult though – especially if you can find UK, or European suppliers.


Print on demand doesn’t just work for books and t-shirts! If you’re a talented artist or photographer, you can sell your work on posters, postcards, and prints on canvas. That said, remember, you don’t have to be an artist or designer to start a great poster business. Photographers can print their work, and even poets with a flair for design can start their business this way. And remember, you can work with designers from those freelance work websites we talked about earlier. For well-known artists and photographers with an existing following, this is a great way to extend your business. You can use this method to provide specially commissioned work, or offer it as an option where you’re photographing events.

Think about wedding photographers offering prints on canvas as part of a package deal, for example.


If you’re lucky to have artistic flair, and enjoy creating designs then this one could be for you! Printing on demand means you don’t have to invest any money in stock. Your printer and supplier takes care of that, as well as sending the items to the customer. It’s a type of DropShipping, except that you have a lot more influence over the products you’re selling. There are all types of items that you can apply your designs to! Many people start with t-shirts, but don’t think it’s just t-shirts. You can produce hats, cushion covers, canvas tote bags, hoodies, phone cases, folders for work… It’s up to you, and what you think your target customer will want to buy. One thing to note though, when it comes to printing on demand. Since you’re paying for each product separately, each unit will cost more than if you were ordering in bulk.

Although you might think this is a bad thing, as the business owner, it can actually be good news. It means you lower the risk of ending up with piles of stock that you can’t sell, and you haven’t paid out for anything you haven’t sold.


It’s easy to say, isn’t it – just write and sell a book? But if you think you have a book in you, then why not go for it and start writing? Take it from someone who is in the throes of finishing her first book though… Writing a whole book is a very different experience to writing for the web. Not only that, writing fiction is very different to writing a memoir, or creating a non-fiction guide. But depending on your subject matter, it doesn’t have to be an epic the size of War and Peace. Whatever you’re an expert in is the perfect subject for your book. If you’re writing fiction, there’s a myriad of categories your work might fall under. Is it a thriller, science fiction, a romance, a comedy or an action adventure? Who is it for?

You might have written your book for your children, and think it might appeal to other children too. Perhaps you’ve had the storyline in mind for years and now is the time to let it out! There’s lots to consider, even if you think your book is ‘just a story’.

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