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How to make your phones work faster

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This post will really help those with low RAM phones and those whose phones are always lagging.
Most 1G RAM phones weren’t designed by the producers to perform heavy duty so whenever you run heavy apps like games , the phone is expected to lag. Below are some ways to lighten your phone and make them faster:

1. Avoid using live wallpapers:- Live wallpapers use a lot of ram space because they are always running in the background, thereby making low RAM phones lag.
2. Use little or no widgets:- Widgets are apps or apps shortcut on the screen that enable the user access them easily. These widgets consume a lot of ram space so reduce their numbers to few or nothing at all.
3. Ensure there is at least 1GB ROM space available all the time:- You will notice most apps start malfunctioning whenever your phone is low on storage, to create more storage, go to settings,apps , and clear app caches, sometimes these apps caches can be up to 1gb worth of space.

4. Download app cleaners to boost phone speed and kill background apps:- You can download apps like ccleanmaster or du booster to clear ram space whenever you experience phone lag.
5. Install apps only from trusted certificates:- Some apps come with malware and viruses, so ensure you download and install apps only from trusted sites.

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