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7 Jobs that will soon be taken over by Robots

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Technology just like every things, has its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the disadvantages of advancement in technology is the threat of taking away millions of job from people and handling it over to machines.

Before now, we used to think that it would take centuries before AI will renders a lot of people unemployed, but with the rate at which technology is improving, one can say, tech’s taking over of masses of people’s job will be sooner than expected.

In this article, I’ll be discussing with you, some of the jobs that will soon be hijacked by Artificial Intelligence.

1. Bank Workers

One of the first industries to feel the impact if AI will be the banking industry. Banks will hand over jobs to Automated Machines to handle most tasks once done by humans.

A bank with 30 staffs will reduce its worker number drastically to as little as 5 human workers and the rest of the staffs will be machine.

2. Driving Job
Number of drivers will be drastically reduced due to the invention of self-driving cars.

Companies will prefer using self-driving cars to hiring human drivers, hence, rendering a good number of drivers unemployed.

Some countries will experience the transition much more quicker than others, due to their level of development.

3. Waitress

It is sad to know that robots will soon be be ones taking orders and serving customers. As assuming as it might look, it will be the reason a lot of people will lose their job. – this is already happening in countries like China.

Robot will replace human in the catering of services to other humans.

Restaurants, cafes and other similar places will have more robots working as staff in their business, they will lay off many people.

4. Gateman
It is disheartening to know that, even people whose job us to secure gates of households and firms will also lose their jobs due to advancement of technology.

Technology is gradually improving to a stage where gates will be opened and closed by simple command from people.

A tap on certain buttons will be responsible for masses losing their job 😴

5. Factory Workers

Day and night, AI producing companies are working toward inventing robots that will be capable of working in factories, these machines will be built in such a way that they can withstand tough weather conditions they are difficult for people to withstand.

They will be much more faster and accurate than human being.

Manufacturing companies will feel no need to continue paying large number of people, when they can just get some robot that can carry out operations faster and much more better, without demanding a dime. 😶

6. Doctors

In some countries, machines have started treating humans, operations are been carried out on people by robots.

A time is fasting approaching, AI will take over the medical line.

Hospitals and clinics will reduce the number of their staff by nothing less than 60%

A hospital of about 80 doctors will reduce its staff to about 20 personnel, and complete the list by including robots.

7. Social Media Management

Social Media Manager – A job brought by the advent of technology will soon be wiped off by that same technology.

Companies will soon have no need to employ people to manage their online affairs.

Most task will be handled by advance-bots which have been programmed to perform certain duties like uploading contents, responding to texts and handle other activities.

What companies will do instead of hiring a Social Media Manager is that, they will assign such role to a staff of theirs as a secondary assignment to give reports of how things are faring for them online.

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