Profitable Businesses to Start Right In Your Room with 5k – 10k in Nigeria

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Nigeria is a big country that does not have good leaders who end the financial empowerment of young people completely while there are no well paid government run jobs, this has increased poverty in the country by 20%. We have realized that 70% of Nigerians want to start their own business due to lack of employment and youth empowerment, that is why we created this business item to start in Nigeria with the number 5,000 or 10,000 Naira.

5 small businesses to start in Nigeria with 5000 or 10,000 Naira

1. Fabrics used from London (OKRIKA)

Okrika are fabrics used abroad that some importers imported into Nigeria. About 48% of Nigerians wear Okrika, but you will not know it because they are first class Okrika. The facts are that you will not be able to distinguish Okrika and ready-made preparation if combined. Many shops in Nigeria maintain their shop with Okrika and sell them at a higher price.

Starting this business is a good idea for the residents of Abuja and some popular places. This is the business that is currently most active in Abuja, in which young people are joining and contributing a good amount of money. This business does not require the store to start if you do not have the money, no problem.

If you have been to Abuja or are living in Abuja, you will need to better understand why you do not need a shop to start your Okrika business. People in this business are only in popular areas of Abuja, such as the street and under bridges, all they do is arrange clothes on a nylon or wide table. This company does not require even a full day and will not disturb you in your daily activities. The main convenient time to start this business is at night when workers return from work (16:30 to 19:30). Buying a set of Okreika fabrics costs from 10,000 to 20,000 and you can find over 200 pieces of clothing in a complete set. People who sell these clothes sell them from the rage of the number 500 to the number 1200. Now, if you have a set of clothes bought for the number 10,000 and find each 200 clothes worth # 500 each,

How much will your profit be?

if we have to calculate 500 x 200 = # 100,000 – # 10,000 you bought it = # 90,000 – # 4,000 for shipping = # 86,000 wow you will definitely get a profit of # 85,000 in less than two weeks if you are smart and God is on your side.

2. Clean water / bottled water business

If you live in a place known as Abuja, the clean water business can be a very good opportunity, this business does not need much start-up capital. You can only start from number 3000 to # 5000, you can start this business in a sustainable way. You don’t have to reach for yourself. All you have to do is meet those people who sell clean water / table water along the way and tell them that you are willing to sell them at a lower price than the normal price they buy. You can also get the unemployed beggars in your area to bring you this bag of clean water, and for each bag sold, incorporate the Naira N50 while keeping the rest. Allow them lunch and make sure they are friendly, make them a hockey bowl.

You can include table water and canned drinks, such as malt drinks, etc. People who dance sell more than 20 bags of clean water every day if God is for you. You can get so many hawks of up to 10 or 15 of them to sell to different places in Abuja, every day you will have up to # 3000 of this business, it is much better than ordering or being unemployed.

The wholesale cost of pure water is currently # 80 naira per bag.

3. Buy and sell.

This is one of the businesses that many people do not know in Nigeria. There are only a few people in this business and they are really doing it. This company is more profitable than you might ever think and the good part is that you don’t have to suffer the stress of working in a factory.

No need to shop, this business requires an initial capital of up to 10,000 naira or higher, depending on the item you are dealing with. How is it done?

This is the act of listing items to buy online and reselling them online. The lucrative side of this business is buying used properties that you can resell and make money from. If you want to make a good profit, phones and computers are the main goals of this business. The secret is that for many reasons that push people to sell their current cell phones or laptops, some reasons are due to the urgent need for money to solve other problems that are more vital to them than their property. Therefore, they will set up this property at a very cheap price to get a buyer faster.

All you have to do is meet with the seller and confirm that the item is working 100% perfectly and also make sure that the property belongs to you. Buy items and reinstall a larger amount of # 10000 naira more profit. The best place to do this business is, and you can sell the item as fast as the same day or the next day. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. It is a delicious business and some wise businessmen are doing very well with this business now because it is still very young in Nigeria.

4. Almond preparation activity

This business does not require a lot of money to start, but you can start with a small amount from 2000 to # 5000, depending on your desire. This is an act of preparing noodles, using bread and eggs, should not be similar to that of the natives as the Hausa boys in your area do this. You can make it a perfect place, build it with planks or plastic lids, and then wrap the body in wraps, embellishments, or even anything that will make it acceptable and very tidy. You can do this business in advance while using offshore parks. You can also supply the office staff of this company in your area at holiday time. At some point, you will have their contact and they will call you to continue. This company has an average profit level, if you give it time and try to do it in a modem mode, you can earn between 4000 and # 5000 every day.

Happy money Making

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