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How to get 60 referrals per year

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A wonderful day to you reading this blog post. Business Success is all about gaining meaningful information and practicing it.

Having 60 Signups yearly in your network marketing business is a huge success. And today’s post will strategically position your mind for the speedy growth.

Happy Reading!

Social Media Strategy [Facebook]

With the strategy outlined below, you should be able to get an average of 60 signups per year.

This is a strategy that can help you gain a minimum of 60 signups/customers per year who will patronize your business through Facebook without paying for adverts.

This is what you should do on a daily basis. You should get yourself into a routine of doing this daily…

Here is the formula to success, I learnt from my role model; Frank Calabro Jr.

This is the strategy that helped me directly sign up over 590 people in two separate offers over a period of 1+ year without a single physical business seminar.

You have to make 3 posts per day.

Inspire, Motivate & Inform

[ ] 6 am – 9am
This is the perfect time to inspire, motivate and or educate people.

DO NOT wake up in the morning and start blasting your prospects with offer(s). It’s like trying to feed people with COLD FUFU & Ogbono Soup for breakfast.

Show Proof

[ ] 11pm – 1pm
During lunch time,+ show them proof that you are making money.

If what you’re doing is a traditional business, show them your result, let people see your portfolio. Show them what you have done or achieved.

Promote and Entertain

[ ] 7pm – 10pm
Promote your offer or Entertain

In the evening, promote your business. Having your own landing/capture page, will be helpful.

In place of promoting your offer, you can entertain people with light, funny stuff.

Posting funny stuff is a way to make people relax after the day’s work.

It is also a way to help relief your friends and followers of their stress.

It is important to note that, people check Facebook, mostly in the morning, then at lunch time, and after work in the evening. Those are the high traffic times on social media.

If you follow this format consistently, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get 60 signups per year, which is 1.15 sign up per week.

If you are not getting 1 signup per week into your offer/business, you are doing something seriously wrong. I mean seriously wrong.

You shouldn’t mess this up.

This is what I have been doing for the past 2 years and it works for me.

There is no online business, I will venture into and have not been able to sponsor at least 1 person in a month.

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