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Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service by sharing it on a blog or social media, to your email list, on your website, or on other channels. You earn a commission each time someone converts through your unique referral link or code. Find an affiliate program that suits your interests, personal brand, and target audience.

Affiliate future, sharesale, and flexoffers are a few examples. Amazon has its own affiliated program, and you can also check out the shopify affiliate programs. Once you’ve signed up, start sharing. Create social media posts, blog articles, emails, and other content about how great the product or service you’re promoting is. Don’t over saturate your audience with ads, otherwise you risk coming across as spammy or inauthentic.


Influencer marketing has exploded on the marketing scene, and though consumers are becoming more savvy, there are still plenty of opportunities to be had. Because influencers have gotten in hot water for dishonest practices, there’s been a movement toward micro-influencers—profiles with smaller but more engaged followings.

Good news: you don’t need millions of followers to earn on Instagram. It’s an opportunity to get an introduction to marketing—particularly valuable if you’re interested in pursuing that as a career or additional business venture. You’ll learn about new and interesting brands. You might discover products and companies you love that you never would have found had they not solicited your services. It’s so easy a monkey can do it. Well, not literally—but you can make your pet the star if you’re camera shy.


To promote your podcast,

consider collaborating with prominent figures as guests on your show. Encourage listeners to leave reviews and share your podcast with their friends and family. If you like the sound of your own voice, consider recording it for a podcast. Podcasts are a great online business idea with multiple monetization options, similar to starting a blog. Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. According to podcast insights, 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast. A successful podcast can lead to endless possibilities: turn your episodes into a blog, solicit sponsors and advertisers,

and make connections you never would have been able to before. There’s an endless amount of platforms and systems out there. If you get bored of one, learn and transition to another.

4. Naijamula

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and the demand for the technical skills necessary to participate in online activities will only continue to grow.

What are you still waiting for before you join the platform that guarantees monthly payment? Why not join now and start earning like so many others for the earlier the better.

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