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Bizo Investment Income Earning Tricks - How You Make 15k weekly on Bizo Investment

Bizo Investment Income

Bizo investment income review is what we will be discussing in this article, we shall be discussing on, how Bizo investment Income Works , how to register on Bizo investment Income, Bizo investment is new , but we are going to be discussing about it to know if Bizo investment is legit or scam

About Bizo investment income

Have You Been Looking For A Side Hustle To Make Fast Money this Period? Look no more, We Got You Covered! Bizo Income is Actually A Site That Pays You To Share Sponsored Ads On Social Media!

Now We Rent Your Facebook Account By Giving You Ads From Sponsors And Advertisers Who are willing to Pay , Rent and Showcase their Products on your Facebook space.

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Now as a member of Bizo you get paid for Sharing Ads Daily on Facebook, -Yes it’s that Easy. All You have to basically do is Login Your account, Copy our Sponsored Ads And Share On Facebook.

We have also mapped A Subscription Circle to Enable Everyone get Paid, When You Susbcribe for Either the silver or Gold Plan, You are Expected to Share our Sponsored Ads For 10 Consecutive days and cash Out After wards, which you would have to Re-Subscribe if you actually Want to Continue Earning.

Note this platform was launched on the 26/5/2020 The reason is for us to make more money at home,This platform is 100% legit

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How Does Bizo Investment income Works

They have two method of subscription , check the subscription plan below

1: silver package subscription

Summary of earning on Silver package subscription on Bizo platform

Subscription Amount is N1000

Daily login N50

Sharing sponsored post N150

You will earning N150 for each sponsored post you share on your facebook timeline

25% referral bonus

• Withdraw and cash out 10 Days After Registration (that’s if you share your Sponsored Ads Consecutively for 10 days, if otherwise your Subscription expires you would have to resubscribe your account by purchasing another coupon code)

°°Minimum withdrawal for Referral Earnings is N500(which you can withdraw Anytime, Any Day)

°° Minimum withdrawal for Activities Earnings is N2000( You can Withdraw anytime you are due for payment)

2: Gold Package subscription

Subscription Amount is N2000

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Summary of earning on Gold package subscription on Bizo income

Daily login N100

Sharing sponsored post N300

You will earning N300 for each sponsored post you share on your facebook timeline

25% referral bonus

The Gold Plan is Not Available For now, You Can Only sub for Silver plan

How To Register on Bizo Investment

To Register on this platform you have to select the plan you what to go for , the silver plan of 1000 naira or the gold plan of 2000 Naira

warning , Before you Click On This WhatsApp Icon You have your Money Ready To Join

Click Here To Join Bizo Investment Income

Bizo Investment Income Earning Tricks : Earn Money Fast on Bizo Investment

Now to the main section. I believe most of you have been waiting for this section.

In this section, I'll share with you some ways to attract more commission to your Bizo Investment dashboard on daily and weekly basis for free. This tricks is what a lot of people including me have used and it's working and will continue to work as long as Humans live.


Ways To Earn More With Bizo Investment

I will be sharing with you 5 simple ways to promote your referral link and earn more revenue on Bizo Investment.

  • Forum
  • Micro Niche Blog
  • Social Media
  • Commenting On Blog Post
  • Use Email Marketing

1. Use Of Forums

A forum website is a website that allows you to create an account, submit post and a lot more. Forum website is one of the best place to promote your product.

You don't need to be an owner of a forum website before you can publish a content unlike a blog where you can only read and comment. With a forum website, you can promote your affiliate link and get more referral.

2. Create Micro Niche Blog

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Creating a micro niche blog is a good means of promoting your affiliate program. Hope you know what micro niche blogs is all about? If you don't know, A Micro Niche Blog is a website that is specialized on a particular category. Since you'll be promoting you affiliate link then your Micro Niche Blog should focus on anything like Affiliate Marketing, Make money online topics or a particular review etc.

Creating a Micro Niche Blog in Nigeria is very simple. I can create it for you as low as N1,100 Naira. click here to contact me.

3. Use Social Media

Social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c are the best place to promote your affiliate link to a very large audience.

You can create a page on Facebook, interact and engage with your audience and surely sales will be made while for Twitter, you only need to share your link and do other necessary things.

4. Blog Commenting

This is one on the trick a lot of people use and it's working well. Commenting on top blogs that are featuring make money online topics is one of the best way to promote your referral link to a large number of audience.

All you need to do is going to the comment section, type in a well articulated respond that relates to the particular blog post you are commenting on, and at the end, you can just add your referral link. Now, when anyone clicks on it, he navigate to sign up page.

5. Use Email Marketing

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This is better known by bloggers and not recommended for others that are not well-educated with online marketing.

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