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IBT Forum Income Trick- Secret Of Making Money Online

IBTforum tricks

IBT Forum is another affiliate income website that pays you for performing simple task daily on their website.

Today I'm going to share with you how to earn more money on IBT Forum .

You might be an existing member of IBT Forum income or just a seeker that want to know more about the affiliate website and make money online legitimately in Nigeria through affiliate marketing. This post is for you. I'm here to assist all who need my help or more light on all that will be written on this page on the comment section.

IBT Forum Income Program

IBT Forum is a Nigerian base forum website that pays you for participating in forum discussion, inviting your friends, sharing sponsored post on Facebook and a lot more.

IBT Forum is not just a forum website because it has a lot of differences compared to other websites like Nairaland in Nigeria. In IBT Forum, all members are prompt to earn certain commission per action they take on daily basis in the website. With IBT Forum, you earn cool money in the comfort of your home.

Am sure you are here to know about the tricks to earn more money on IBT Forum or you are here to know more about the affiliate program. All your question has been answered on this page. Read on.

How To Earn On IBT Forum

On IBT Forum income program, there are lot of actions to perform in other to earn money. This affiliate program is more than legit as others call.

Let me quickly take you through on all the actions you should perform in other to earn money on IBT Forum.

In IBT Forum members can earn money in various ways depending on their levels of membership as stated below:


When you are a Premium member, you will Earn:

=> N100 – Per Sponsored Post

=> 2 to 5 Sponsored Post Daily

=> N1,000 – Affiliate/Guider Bonus


This is the highest Plan with enhanced features. When you are an Ultimate member, you will Earn as follows:

=> N100 – Per Sponsored Post

=> 2 to 5 Sponsored Post Daily

=> N1,000 – Affiliate/Guider Bonus

=> N1,000 – Submit Post

=> Earn as a Coupon Agent.

One-Time Ultimate Fee = N1,500

NOTE: All membership level can withdraw their earnings weekly (every Saturday) when you have earn the minimum withdrawal of N3000.

Now check the drought above and tell me if you can't make up to 50k monthly. You get credited N100 daily just for sharing sponsored post on Facebook. Not just N100 because in a day there is a minimum of 2 post and a maximum of 5 post daily, so that means if let's say you share 3 post in a day for 30 days, it will be N300 * 30 = N9000.

Meaning you'll earn up to 9k just for sharing sponsored post. This is just a rough estimate as I'm sure some days you'll be earning N500 naira when 5 post drops.

Did you know that you earn a whooping N1000 naira for inviting your friends and enemies. Am sure you already want to register and start making money with this affiliate program. Which means, if you can bring in just 1 person to register daily for 30 days, you are most likely to earn N30,000 naira monthly just for inviting people alone.

That 30k might even be more than what some individual earn monthly via their monthly job.

Same goes for submition of post. You also earn a whooping N1000 for every post you submit that gets approval.

How To Register And Start Making Money With IBT Forum Program

To register on IBT Forum income is as simple as ABC, it takes up to 3hours to get your activated.

A lot of people are already benefiting from this platform. Click here to register and start making cool money on IBT Forum income program today at the comfort of you home.

Am sure you want a platform that pays in Nigeria that's why I recommend IBT Forum Affiliate Income Program. Unlike other platform that promises what they cannot do, IBT Forum payment is sure by following their T&C.

IBT Forum Income Tricks: Earn Money Fast In IBT Forum

Now to the main section. I believe most of you have been waiting for this section.

In this section, I'll share with you some ways to attract more commission to your IBT Forum account on daily and weekly basis for free. This tricks is what a lot of people including me have used and it's working and will continue to work as long as Humans live.


Ways To Earn More With IBT Forum Program

I will be sharing with you 5 simple ways to promote your referral link and earn more revenue in IBT Forum Income Program.

  • Forum
  • Micro Niche Blog
  • Social Media
  • Commenting On Blog Post
  • Use Email Marketing

1. Use Of Forums

A forum website is a website that allows you to create an account, submit post and a lot more. Forum website is one of the best place to promote your product.

You don't need to be an owner of a forum website before you can publish a content unlike a blog where you can only read and comment. With a forum website, you can promote your affiliate link and get more referral.

2. Create Micro Niche Blog

Creating a micro niche blog is a good means of promoting your affiliate program. Hope you know what micro niche blogs is all about? If you don't know, A Micro Niche Blog is a website that is specialized on a particular category. Since you'll be promoting you affiliate link then your Micro Niche Blog should focus on anything like Affiliate Marketing, Make money online topics or a particular review etc.

Creating a Micro Niche Blog in Nigeria is very simple. I can create it for you as low as N1,100 Naira. click here to contact me.

3. Use Social Media

Social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, e.t.c are the best place to promote your affiliate link to a very large audience.

You can create a page on Facebook, interact and engage with your audience and surely sales will be made while for Twitter, you only need to share your link and do other necessary things.

4. Blog Commenting

This is one on the trick a lot of people use and it's working well. Commenting on top blogs that are featuring make money online topics is one of the best way to promote your referral link to a large number of audience.

All you need to do is going to the comment section, type in a well articulated respond that relates to the particular blog post you are commenting on, and at the end, you can just add your referral link. Now, when anyone clicks on it, he navigate to sign up page.

5. Use Email Marketing

This is better known by bloggers and not recommended for others that are not well-educated with online marketing.

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